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Saturday, September 12, 2015

It's the Mid September Brochure!

I love when the mid month brochures come out.
There is always something that is new or on sale that I want to share.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Freeze-It sets.  I always make "extra" (ok most of the time) so that I will have another meal or two waiting in the freezer for a day when I don't want to cook, or hubby comes home late. 

These are also great if you want to freeze some veggies from your garden or fruit compote for quick desserts when unexpected guests (I mean friends) stop by.   I even put bananas in these when they are getting ripe too fast and you can't use them all.  Make great smoothies or ready for banana bread!

Did you see the Pressure Cooker?? Its on sale this brochure for $99!!!  That's a $50 discount - and is sooo worth it.  I use mine a lot. If you purchase from my site, I will send you my pressure cooker file of recipes to get you started.   Just message me with your order number and email address and I will email it to you.

The Mickey and Minnie snack sets are available for just 2 weeks .. so if you want one or more of these sets you need to hurry.  I know the last time they were offered they sold out quickly.  This time its only offered for 2 weeks and then they will be gone again.  
They are super cute and great for the lunch crowd.  

You can always find these things on my Tupperware Site, even if you don't see the one page pictures here, on the second Saturday of each month.


Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

I love tupperware. It lasts FOREVER. I wish that I could afford to buy some.

slehan said...

Mickey Mouse set is very cute.

slehan at juno dot com