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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vanilla Milkshake

I don't know about where you live, but here it has been hot and humid.  
It's definitely a Milkshake time of year.  But then kids would probably tell you that any time of year is Milkshake time!

I love this recipe from Tupperware (using our Power Chef ) that is great alone but also as a base to add fruit into your kids in a really fun way or all those other chocolatey treats you don't want them to "OD" on.

If you read my post the other day, you saw that the power chef is on sale in this months mid-month brochure.  You can pick up the power chef system on my Tupperware Site.  I really love this machine, because there are so many things you can make with it.  

Keep checking me out for more ways to use this - but if you are thinking about getting it - don't wait too long.  Remember it is only on sale until midnight August 8th!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Keep it cool, keep it homemade!

Do you have an abundance of fruits and veggies that you wish you could freeze and have them good to use (just like when you picked them) but don't have the containers to do that?

Guess who has what you need AND on sale this month??  
That's right Tupperware has your back!

These pieces are on sale in this month's mid July brochure (available for purchase until midnight August 8th) so if you are thinking about putting some things in the freezer - this is your month to pick up Tupperware!  3
Remember my Tupperware site is always open for info and purchases!

The 11 piece Freeze It Set is on sale for $64 saving you $67!
These 11 cool containers are perfect for the freezer, refrigerator and on the go. Store jam, produce, appetizers, ice cream, bagels and leftovers, pack a meal for work or school and keep your fridge and freezer organized.

• Includes four 2½-cup/600 mL Medium Shallow Rectangulars, two 3-qt./2.8 L Medium Deep Rectangulars, four 3⅓-cup/800 mL Small Deep Squares and one 6-qt./6 L Extra Large.
• The containers make food removal easy, the firmness prevents food from crushing and are flexible at freezer temperatures.
• Stackable containers maximize space in your fridge, freezer and cabinet and nest when not in use.
• Gently twisting the containers releases frozen food easily.
• Modular shape allows for even freezing and helps avoid freezer burn.
• Includes Tropical Water seals.
• Dishwasher safe. 

The Freeze-It Door Set is just $15 (a $22 value)
Store soup, salsa and other liquid food in the refrigerator. Includes two 6-cup/1.4 L Medium Deeps.

• Includes Tropical Water seals.
• Dishwasher safe.

Companion pieces shown have a required minimum purchase of $50
The Freeze-It Containers - Small $14 (a $28 value)
Store fruit, veggies and other small leftovers with these handy containers. Includes set of four 1½-cup/400 mL containers.

• Includes Tropical Water seals.
• Dishwasher safe.

The Power Chef System is on sale in this brochure $49 (a $20 savings)

Quickly and easily prepare recipes with a seriously up-to-date culinary solution. Our newly designed, most efficient food processor blends, mixes, emulsifies and chops with the easy pull of a cord. It also cleverly integrates with the Chop ’N Prep Chef. Includes pull-cord cover, adaptor ring with soft cap for funnel insertion, three curved blades, paddle whisk, funnel with measurements, 5¾-cup/1.35 L base with anti-skid ring, blade protector and airtight, liquid-tight seal.
•  – Enhanced quality guarantee.
• In Salt Water Taffy/Sugar.

Want to see this baby in action - check out the Power Chef Video

I love my Power Chef, I make my own Mayo (no preservatives) and can make a Garlic Aioli and smooth Avocado Mayo, mix up jams and cake mixes and make killer milkshakes and so much more.  Check it all out on my Tupperware Site and pick up something for yourself or maybe start holiday shopping!

I'll be posting our Jam recipe in the next day or two so that you can use that one right away, so make sure you come back for that one too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Breakfast Anyone? Tupperware has the answer!

I think I need to start highlighting some of our Tupperware pieces that are on sale each month.  I say this because they are only available at a given sale price or only available period, in the mid-month brochure.  I think some people are missing some of these or may end up having to pay "full price" because they just missed the brochure.

Here is my first highlighted pieces from the mid-July brochure, which is available until midnight August 8th.  You can get them, and so much more on my Tupperware Site.

Since it is my first highlight, I thought lets start with Breakfast.  
Do you need help with keeping breakfast cereal from getting "soft" and "stale" tasting?

Save counter or pantry space while keeping breakfast cereal fresh and crunchy with the Keep-It-Krunchy Set

Includes 20-cup/4.8 L Super Cereal Storer 
and 13-cup/3.1 L Cereal Storer.

• The container is a cereal storer and server rolled into one! Avoid packages spilling cereal on the counter or floor instead of the bowl, or on the pantry shelves.
• Serve cereal or other dry goods with ease using the flip-open pour spout.
Super Cereal Storer is best for a family-size box of cereal, brownie, cake, muffin or pancake mixes, flour and granola or bread crumbs in bulk.
Cereal Storer is great for a standard box of cereal.
• Includes Crushed Raspberry and Tropical Water seals.
• Dishwasher safe.
Both are available now for just $19.00! A $36.00 value.

Do you have little ones that need to have "special" cereal bowls?  Or do you love hot cereal, even in the summer?  These are AWESOME because they are microwavable and everyone can have their own color!  When my kids were small - that was the biggest deal!!

Microwave Cereal Bowls

Sealed containers stack to save space; bowls nest for compact storage.
  • Set of four 2-cup/500 mL capacity bowls with seals
  • Virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals
  • Microwave safe, simply remove seals first.
  • In Crushed Raspberry/Limeaid/Tropical Water/Fuchsia Kiss.
All 4 for just $15, which is a $10 savings.

Now to round out the highlight of breakfast items that are on sale, we have some great tumblers that even little hands can handle.

Tupperware Impressions 11 oz Tumblers

Whether you are entertaining indoors or outdoors, serving or storing just got sensational! All pieces dishwasher safe.

• Set of four.
• Includes Drip-Less Straw Seals.
• In Crushed Raspberry/Limeaid/Tropical Water/Fuchsia Kiss.

All 4 tumblers are just $15.00, again a savings of $10.

And check it out - the colors are the same as the cereal bowls - everyone gets their own color.  And mom, you can tell who doesn't clean up after themselves without hearing "not me, I put my dishes in the dishwasher".

Remember if there is anything that I can do to help out with your Tupperware pieces or if you are looking for something Tupperware, you can always go to my site and look around, email me or message me here and I will get back to you so that we can make you Tupperware experience a great one.

If you decide you want to join my Tupperware team - I would be happy to explain the benefits and cost and then have you join me.  Just give me a shout!

Monday, July 28, 2014

An awesome Chicken Lettuce Wrap Meal

I know this recipe is suppose to be as an appetizer, but I think I could make this a meal with no problems.

I found these Chicken Lettuce Wraps on the Challenge Butter website, where they have all kinds of really interesting and eye popping recipes that won't make you crazy.  I know I will be back often.

It really looks like an easy (yes they do say it is easy to make) meal for anyone ... What do you think?

I really do think this would make a great weeknight meal ... even if you are coming home from work, hot and tired, I bet you could put this together and on the table for an awesome dinner.  Add a nice bottle of wine and bam ... YOU are a SUPERSTAR!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

NJ Balloon Festival 2014

If you are living in or near NJ and looking for something to do this weekend ...
How about checking out the NJ Balloon Festival??

You can even get to take a hot air balloon ride
(but you need to make reservations as they have sold out in the past)  
           PLEASE CALL 1-800-HOT-AIR-9!
they will hold your tickets at the will call window                 

                                               Saturday, July 26th at 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
Sunday, July 27th at 6:30 am  and 6:30 pm

Book Rides early, last year we sold out all flights.
Balloon rides are $225 per person in the morning and $250 per person in the evening.
You will need to purchase a general admission ticket as well in order to get on the festival grounds.

But even if you don't go on an actual ride, there are so many things to see and do 

I love some of the special balloon shapes that will be there this year.

I know going to the shore is a wonderful thing, can't beat the Jersey Shore,
but this is another awesome thing to do in New Jersey!

Oh and like I said, there are all kinds of things to do at the Festival
even concerts!
Want to see what is available this weekend, check out 

The temperatures today and looking great
Humidity is suppose to be low, at least during the day
Low chance of rain today

Check it out - I bet you won't be disappointed!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Heat Giveaway Hop

I have once again joined this great group of bloggers to say ....
It's giveaway time
We know you LOVE when its giveaway time ... right?
I know I do!

 photo summer-heat-giveaway-hop-250_zps20ae8516.jpg

Welcome to the
Summer Heat Giveaway Hop

From July 21-31, 2014,
you can visit all the blogs on the linky list below
and enter to win all their prizes too!
Good luck!

When I think of Summer Heat
I think fruit - cold or frozen

I love to make my own Ice Cream and freeze the fresh fruit you find this time of year,
but I always seemed to need containers to keep them in while in the freezer,
once again, Tupperware has the answer.

My prize is:
An 11 Pc Freeze-It Set by Tupperware
perfect for the freezer, refrigerator and on the go. Store jam, produce, appetizers, ice cream, bagels and leftovers, pack a meal for work or school and keep your fridge and freezer organized.
My prize has a retail value of $131!

Buy it Now:  from my Tupperware Site at more than 50% off

Enter to Win: Using the Simple Rafflecopter form below 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting ready for School Lunches

Some of you are dreading the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year.
Others are getting ready to start cheering.  Admit it ... you can't wait to have the kids in school for at least a few hours a day so you can get things done without them underfoot or whining that they are "bored".

One of the things I really hated about getting things ready for back to school was figuring out what to do with lunches.  Our schools didn't have the ability to have a daily purchased lunch until high school, so a lunch box that would last was a requirement.

I love some of these pieces from Tupperware that will help make at least this part of back to school easier.

Boys don't usually care one way or the other, but something like this will help keep their sandwiches or snacks from being crushed.

We have the same type of pieces for the girls, because they need to have something to keep their sandwiches and snacks safe too.

Or these pieces, if they would rather not be so loudly eco friendly.  No more crushed/smushed/or lost sandwiches in the bottom of the backpack.  No more "zip bags" or the "flapped" plastic bags that you are constantly buying.  These are great!

I love these pieces because there are so many ways you can use these.  How about using these as lunchtime bento boxes?  I think these would be perfect for that.

Or as shown, sandwich in the middle compartment, fruit on one side, chips or cheese crackers or whatever on the other.  It would be a perfect lunch box find.

I remember when my kids were in school, they could buy a container of milk (chocolate or white) to go with their lunches and then in the middle school they could also get orange juice.  How about sending their own juice or water in these?  You could even freeze a little bit of water or juice in them and then fill the rest of the way with unfrozen and it would help keep their lunch chilled until lunch time.  And they are really super cute too!

If you need a complete lunch set, this one is available in the Summer Catalog (only available for another month).  I personally love it.  I bought one just for me to use for work.  I can bring my own lunch from our leftovers  planned overs from the night before and be eco friendly at lunch time ... oh yeah and end up saving a ton of money not having to buy lunch (that was costing me about $10 a day!

And of course we can't forget the males - they may not always vocalize it but they like to be considered Eco friendly too.

And yes, all the pieces shown with the lunch bags are included ... pretty much wash, pack and go!

If you are looking to get your lunch solutions set before the made rush, check out my Tupperware Site and see what we have to offer.  I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Don't wait for the week before school starts and find that all the lunch box kits are gone and you are stuck with brown bags and plastic bags that don't protect their lunch.  Check them out now on my Tupperware site and get yours before the panic sets in!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Craft containers and so much more

I saw these in the mid-July brochure and thought they would be great for lunch boxes or snack boxes, but also for crafters!

I can see this being great for beads and needles and embroidery thread and scrapbook supplies and so much more.

At this price, $12 each, you could get a few and not break the bank, but still have everything organized and packed for road trips!

And then we have the One Touch Reminder Canister Set - that I absolutely LOVE and use for lots grains in my pantry - but think about other things you can use them for.  This price is a steal!

But we also have a new piece the One Touch Topper Canister Set ... that just gives you even more "space" to keep food OR craft supplies OR just about anything clean/dry/dust free!

And LOOK AT THE COLORS!  I think these are great to see when you open your cabinet or pantry - the colors are so cheery - so much so you just might want to keep them out!

I really have to pick up a set of these for myself!

But here's the thing ... these items are ONLY available at these prices until July 25th (at midnight eastern time) so if you want them I would not wait.  I can't even say that they will be available at ANY price after that date.... so check them out on my Tupperware Site where you can view these and so much more.  You could order right there (we love when you use your plastic to pick up your Tupperware here) or you can have a party of your own (we can get it set up on my site) or you can jump onto my current party (link in the upper right sidebar) or you can message me and I will call you for all your details.

But whatever you do ... don't miss out on these great offers!

Freezer Meals to make dinner time easier

I had to share these Tupperware Freezer pieces that are part of this month's Mid Month brochure.

I know that there are quite a few people who do the Make-A-Head Freezer meals to take advantage of the sales in their local grocery store or farmers markets.  Or maybe because they are having a baby or have a medical procedure that is planned that they just know they won't want to be cooking after ...

This complete set, 11 pieces would get you set for a lot of freezer meals and includes ...
Four 2½-cup/600 mL Medium Shallow Rectangulars,
Two 3 qt./2.8 L Medium Deep Rectangulars,
Four 31⁄3-cup/800 mL Small Deep Squares and
One 6-qt./6 L Extra Large.
$131 value. (Saving $67) for $64!

And of course if you wanted to add to this set or try these in a smaller set we have
Four Small Containers

And Two Door Set of Containers

Don't forget that you can get these and so much more on my Tupperware Site or you can always click the link at the top of the page (right sidebar) for the Current Online Party.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I know that most of you are going to be involved with friends and family today (as it should be) but I wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very very

While you are enjoying this holiday of fun and fireworks

please just be safe,

don't be drinking too much,
don't be eating too much,

and don't be messing with those fireworks unless you absolutely KNOW how to use them properly!

Then come on back here next week and see what I can come up with for the rest of the month!