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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day

And then I saw this one and thought ... yup that's about right, but I'm really glad that I have a part of me that IS Irish.

That's right ... on St Patrick's Day everyone, or at least it seems that way, are Irish, but this is another one that is so true.

I have thought about how we Irish really know how to celebrate. 
Kind of like at an Irish Funeral ... yes, there can be some crying or serious sobbing, but darn we all know how to celebrate.  And of course you could say that a funeral isn't time to celebrate, but we think you would be wrong.  
A funeral, especially an Irish Funeral is a time to Celebrate the LIFE of the deceased, and then we seriously need somebody to drive 😛 because, well even though we are great celebrators, we do try to be mature and responsible too!

As I end this post, and until the time for this final celebration, may this beautiful Irish Blessing be a part of your daily thoughts.