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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014

Can you believe it?
Can you believe we are ringing out another year?

Where did 2014 go?
Did you see it leave?

Let's make 
a toast to 2015

And start making plans to make it the best one yet

Believe in yourself

I know its not as easy as it sounds

If the bird can trust his wings
then so should you.

Believe in yourself 
and your own wings to fly.....

You will never know 
what you can accomplish
until you do.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Perfect moment?

I just love when I find little gems like this on the net

I know there are a lot of reasons to "wait" for some things, and I'm not saying that this will fit for every situation, but think about it, is this the time to wait?

What are you waiting for?

What do you want to do that you think you need to have the "perfect moment" for?

Now think about that desire ... do you really need to have the "perfect moment" or can you go after that which you desire and make the "moment perfect"?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tupperware's Pressure Cooker Recipes

You may remember, that I have spoken before of the wonderful products that Tupperware makes that are game changers. 

We had the Smart Steamer that really is a game changer - you can steam your veggies and whole meals like a professional.  I make hard boiled eggs that are perfect every time and I don't have to stand at the stove "watching" the pot boil.  I really do love this one and use it all the time.

I want to introduce you to 
Tupperware's newest 
Game Changer Product - 
The Pressure Cooker for the Microwave!
Check it out on my Tupperware Site

In this baby you can make so many wonderful meals that would normally be only for the weekends because of the time it takes to make .... or ONLY for the slow cooker. 

Here is one of those wonderful weeknight meals that will take no time at all!

Simply Salsa Chicken

You don't want to miss this one ... this really will be a revolutionary product for your kitchen.

I know it has been for mine.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Get ready for your New Year's Resolutions

I don't think I am much different from most in the New Year's Resolution department.  We all have good intentions but unless we start NOW to be prepared for the new year .... those New Year's Resolutions go by the wayside within a week or two or at most a month.

Today is the day 
to start making plans 
to be successful this time.

Check out what Tupperware has to offer.
The products opening up today in the Winter/Spring 2015 Catalog are awesome!
So many wonderful things to help you be successful if your resolve this year is to lose those extra pound that have crept on.  

From the Fridge Smart containers to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher longer, to the Smart Steamer to make your steamed veggies and proteins 1) easier to make and 2) quicker and 3) tastier.  At least this has been my experience - it could be yours too!

Yes that is a PRESSURE COOKER  on the cover that Tupperware is offering with this catalog that is used in the Microwave!  I have to tell you this is sheer genius.  I love mine.  I have made all kinds of things in mine.  From applesauce in less than 20 minutes from taking the apples out of the bowl to cooling the applesauce for serving!  To BBQ "semi" boneless spare ribs in less than 30 minutes that were so tender you would have thought they were slow cooked for hours

Now if you want to make some really big changes - If you want to start a new career .. yes a career ... you can do that with Tupperware.  

I know people, like myself, who do this part time in addition to their "regular" jobs to supplement their income, or to have "extra" money for special gifts or vacations.  
And there are others who have made this their Full Time Job .. and got started with a really LOW start up cost.  

You can earn all kinds of wonderful things with Tupperware - commissions from day one, discounts on products that you really want for yourself, discounted prices on samples, gifts, prizes, great friends and co-workers, vacations and cars you can earn just by selling the products you will or already love.  

Here's what you can earn under the Confident Start Program that starts when you sign up.  And this is in ADDITION to your commissions!

This is the current program that runs through April 11, 2015. Get your party started today with the Confident Start Program. 
You are automatically enrolled after submitting your first order or on your 31st day as a Consultant. 
You’ll have 13 weeks to meet the Program goals and you may finish as quickly as you’d like. Earn money, awards and build your business with a Confident Start.

Interested in seeing what is all involved?  Talk to me and I will explain more.  I can get you set up to start you on a new and wonderful start to 2015 for a really LOW start up that will make you say ... why did I wait so long.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The end of a Tupperware Winter/Holiday 2014

Today is the last day you can order from the Tupperware Fall/Holiday 2014 Catalog.  
I know it is a sad day ... but you can still pick up somethings from my Tupperware Site and still be "happy".

If you remember a little while ago, I posted pictures of the items that will not be available when the new Tupperware Catalog is available ....  You can check that post out here ... that will include pictures of those discontinued or color changes 
OR you can read the list here but you know its so much easier to relate to pictures ...

Don't miss out on those items that will be gone come midnight tonight!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

I wanted to take this time 
to wish you all a very
Merry Christmas 

whether you are a long time follower
or someone who has recently found me

I hope that your Christmas is the best one yet

Filled with all kinds of wonderful things 
But most of all 
with the love of friends and family

Because then, 
you will be the richest of all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Santa Tracking Time!

It's that time again ...
You know what time it is ...

I know you know what time it is ....
Every child or child at heart (and I know you are one of those) knows what time it is ....

Is he getting close to you?
Check it out and see where he is right now!

I hope that you will find that Santa felt you had been good this year, 
'cause you know he's always watching 
marking down when you were naughty or nice....

Hope you find everything you wanted 
underneath your tree
from the big man!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chef Proven Professional Zester/Grater

I was lucky enough to received the Chef Proven Professional Zester Grater for review.  I think it was one of my lucky days!

This zester is the bomb!  I have tried zesters before, I even have had one in my drawer, but this one has the sharpest zesting pads I've ever seen, and will be the only one in my drawer from now on.

I tried it out on a lemon, since I use lemon zest all the time.  Remember the biggest "bang for the buck" in flavor is in the zest, not the juice (I know surprising) but if you get any of the "white pith" you run the risk of it being bitter.  

This zester was so easy to use and ended up with some really great lemon zest with just a few passes.  Oh and you know how on other zesters the zest sticks to the inside of the zester?  Much of this came right out on the plate and with just a light tap, the rest fell (after I did the picture) onto the plate - but as you can see we got a good bit before then and that was with just 3 passes over the fruit.

Then of course I had to try it out on chocolate. What kind of chocoholic would I be without trying it on chocolate?  

Adding some freshly grated chocolate on top of desserts or over the fresh whipped cream on Hot Chocolate is perfect - and in my opinion shows you really care about your presentation and the taste.  
I know your "taste testers" will be impressed.

Again because the sharpness of this zester you got some super fine chocolate that was almost a powder.  I can't wait to try it on fresh nutmeg! The taste of fresh nutmeg is so much different - but usually difficult to "grate" ... this zester/grater will make it so easy.  Fresh taste here we come again!

I haven't tried it yet, but I bet this will give some fantastic fresh grated Parmesan cheese over top of all kinds of pasta dishes.  A wonderful cheese snow - oh oh now I'm making myself hungry!

If you have a foodie in your home or on your gift list - this is a great gift idea.  Not expensive for what you get and I bet it will be in use in your home or theirs for years to come.  I know it will be in mine!

If it isn't available at the moment (yes Amazon is selling out of this baby) you want to put it on your wish list -- trust me you will NOT be disappointed!

I was provided with this Chef Proven Professional Zester Grater by Chef Proven, through a program with Tomoson.com.  I only post about products that I believe will be of benefit to my readers.  I received no other compensation for this post.

Monday, December 22, 2014

ApparelnBags a short term travelers dream!

I don't know about you, but when I'm just going away for a few days, I don't want to have to pack a huge bag (that's just way too much work for a few days). But I also don't like to pack bags for travel where I have to "check" them if I fly.  I really hate dealing with those airport carousels.  

I found a great bag to be able to do a quick pack and go and still have all I really need for a few days and still be able to use it for a carry-on in the airport!   You need to check out the Port Authority BG800 Voyager Sports Duffel from ApparelnBags.com

For a little size reference, here is my bag up against an inside door.  As you can see, it would be perfect for all kinds of things.  Personally I will be using it for traveling - I do a lot of short trips or trips where I don't have to take much in the way of clothing (like travel to second home/vacation home/parents home).  Don't mind the "wrinkles" as my bag is currently empty, but will be packed again for travel very soon.

I don't know if you can see it from this picture but there is a nice flat zippered pocket, on both sides below the grab handle, in addition to the end pockets.

I really like the overall size of this bag and the little "side" compartments, that are on both sides of the bag, that would make this great for your sport needs or going to the gym or in my case for travel.  The side pockets are great for things you want to keep separate - shoes/sneakers and such but doesn't totally take over the center section.  

In my case, when I travel I always always seem to forget to take a bag of some sort to put laundry into, and I find that the hotel laundry bags just don't do it.  They are either too small or too thin to protect any clean items you still have.  The side pockets are again, great for this need.  
I can have my shoes/sneakers/sandals in one side and dirty laundry items in the other.  

ApparelnBags has a wide variety of items for you to choose from, and I don't mean just bags!  I love that you can do a lot of your shopping here for everyone on your list.  You can even get things for infants!  How often do you find that when you are able to get things for men and women and boys and girls?  They even have a big and tall section!  I will be looking into this section for hubby and perhaps my son as well!

I hope you will check out their ApparelnnBags Facebook page to see what new things are coming but you definitely want to check out the Discount Code/Promo Code page on Facebook to get some additional great deals on products they carry as well as a 10% credit on purchase just for liking their page.  While you are liking them, check out their twitter page and their Google+ page and never miss a deal or event!

I was lucky enough to be able to sample the Port Authority BG800 Voyager Sports Duffel at no cost to me, in exchange for my review.  I received no other compensation for this post.  This in no way effected my review, as I will only recommend products or sites, that I feel will be of benefit to my readers.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's a Hoppin' for the Holidays Giveaway Hop Stop

Welcome to my "stop" 
in this giveaway hop!

MamaNYC is once again hosting her 3rd annual 
Hoppin’ For The Holidays Giveaway Hop
This event will run from December 20-28th 
Where each prize will have a 
minimum value of $25.00 

My Prize, is a self sponsored,
4 Piece FridgeSmart Set 
from Tupperware!
A $90 Value

Now you can preserve your fresh produce even longer in your refrigerator!  Have it last longer so you toss less.  It's all because of better air circulation and an advanced moisture protection system.  
Lets get ready to start the new year eating healthier!

If you would like to grab your own now, you can purchase it from my Tupperware Site or you can enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below.

Once you have entered here, I hope you will wander around to the other bloggers in the hop and see what they have to offer if you haven't already.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

You make the difference

I know at this time of year everyone wants to be happy and upbeat and ready to celebrate the season and the upcoming new year.

Well almost everyone.  Some people seem to only see the "bad" or the "difficult" or want to blame everything on someone else.

Well lets get ready to make a change!!

So that everything will get better ... 
Lets make the change 

How about it?
Are you ready?

Say YES!
Now lets Do It

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's a butterfly day

I think we need to make every day a butterfly day

What do you think?
Isn't there always something that you can find to feel grateful for?

Isn't there something that you can find that won't be negative, won't make you feel negative?

I bet you could find one, no matter how bad your day is.  Try it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Home for the Holidays Hop Stop

Welcome to my stop on the 
2nd Annual 
Home for the Holidays Hop

Welcome to the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Hop, 
hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!

We are right in the middle of the Holiday Season, 
stockings are hung by the Fireplace, 
the smell of an Evergreen fills your Home… 
I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers 
that want to fill your home with even more! 

The Home for the Holidays Giveaways 
are all centered around the perfect products for your home  
whether it’s decorative gifts or appliances, 
each blogger has something for your home! 

 Don't miss the amazing Grand Prize for this Event 
a $150 Gift Card to The Ultimate Green Store

My prize is a self sponsored piece
The revolutionary microwave steamer
the SmartSteamer by Tupperware
ARV $119!

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food because it retains nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins while preserving color, texture and flavor. And it's also one of the most delicious, too!  
Includes 1¾-qt./400 mL Water Tray, Steamer Base, Colander and Cover.

I will also include my file of recipes to get you started.

The SmartSteamer is available on 
my Tupperware Site to buy now 

You can enter using the easy 
Rafflecopter Form below.

Hopefully you have visited or will be visiting the other bloggers in this hop and entering at their stops too!  Join in on all the fun!

Good Luck!

So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Home for the Holidays participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tupperware pieces discontinued or changed

Just wanted to put this out there in case you were procrastinating in putting in your order for Tupperware from my site here is a screen shot of items that will no longer be available from Tupperware after December 26th at midnight or while inventory lasts.

This next screen shot shows the items that will either be a different color or will have a different configuration of items in a "set".

If there is something that you want, you can just hop on over to My Tupperware Site and place your order BEFORE December 26th at MIDNIGHT.
All purchases are subject to inventory availability - so if there is something that you really really want in a color or configuration that you want ... you need to order quickly.

Let me know if you need help with anything - I MAY have something you would like in my inventory "stash" but I wouldn't be banking on that if it is something that you really want.

Listerine UltraCool

Looking for a new mouthwash to keep your breathe fresh and kill those germs without feeling like you've got a mouth full of "medicine"

Check out Listerine UltraClean.
There is a slight medicinal taste, but nothing like those of old.

And you have this super fresh cool minty flavor/feeling left in your mouth for much longer than before.

Kills all those nasty germs and controls tartar build up so you get to spend less time in the dental chair ... definitely a winner in my book!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are you Sensitive or Emotional?

Ok so there is a misspelling here,
It still gets the point across

I think this says it all 

 Here's to all us "Softies" 
 we ARE the best!

No apologizing here 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's the Mid December Brochure at Tupperware

I always like to pop on here and post the mid month Tupperware brochure so that you can check out what is on sale, or new, or on a limited availability on my Tupperware Site.  

There are some really interesting items this month - like PINK seals on our Tupperware Modular Mate Sets.  Now you can get them with Black or Passion seals but this PINK is new.  And did you notice that the Square, Rectangular and Super sets come with 2 PINK Rocker Scoops?  I so love those for scooping out sugar or flour and such. How long it will be available I can't say but I do know it is available until January 9, 2015.  

You could make your cabinets look as organized and put together as these!

There are things in this brochure that I have not seen in a long time, like the Baby Stages Feeding Sets.  If you know someone who is expecting in the new year, I would grab one or two of these just in case it isn't available when the little one is delivered.

The CrystalWave Lunch 'N Dish with the cold cup is only available until Dec 26th at this great price but are wonderful to start the new year taking your lunch into work or school to try and get a handle on any weight loss or maintenance plans you have.

Order any of these by midnight tomorrow Dec 14th and Tupperware says you will have it for Christmas (bearing any wild weather events) so there are all kinds of wonderful things you can have under the tree as well.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.  If you have any questions, send me a message and I will get back to you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Its a Winter Wonderland Hop

I have once again joined with Lisa and Bonnie to bring you another wonderful giveaway hop ... this time as a celebration of Winter!!


Hosted by LeahSay's Views
December 10th - 20th, 2014
Each Giveaway Hop Stop 
will have a prize that is worth at least $25

When I was thinking of what to have for this event that is celebrating Winter, I started to think about how I feel about winter ... I always think cold and freezing and of course that nasty "white" stuff, that you know as snow (but I refuse to say that word, yes I could be just a little crazy about that word - but hey NJ is crazy this time of year).

So I thought, "What do we do with the kids when they are finished playing outside and need to be warmed up and "relaxed"?  
I thought when my kids were little, 
it was hot chocolate and a story.

So if you can provide the hot chocolate to warm their bodies, 
I will provide the stories to warm their minds.

My package, valued at $60 will include:

  • The Barefoot Book Of Princesses,
  • The Prince's Bedtime,
  • The Princess and the Pea with Story CD
  • and a 100 piece Princesses Puzzle!

You can enter to win these great stories using the easy Rafflecopter form below. Once you have entered here, make sure you hop around to the other bloggers in this hop.  I'm sure you will find some really wonderful prizes there as well.

Have Fun 
and of course 
Good Luck!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Will you Toss the Tube?

When I first received the product I have to admit I was a little skeptical.  I thought you needed the tube to keep the paper on the roll.  I also thought it was that cardboard roll that made it "easy" to change the roll as needed.  I was so wrong!  I think you can see that there really isn't much of a difference between the roll with the tube and the one without ... its a slightly "squished/collapsed" center on the without roll ... but that made no difference in use.

The Scott Naturals Tubeless Bath Tissue is a great product.   It is just as good as the "tube" kind -- with less mess to clean up. I actually think we used less.  But the question is was it because everyone was more "careful" because they knew there was no cardboard roll? Probably not since it looks the same in the holder until it gets to the end ... when there is no tube!  

Even Jenn had fun with this one - here she's showing the difference in the rolls.  I'm waiting for her to say they want some for the apartment for the Spring Semester so they don't have to deal with the tube!

Tell me ... can you tell just by looking at this picture ... Is this a Scott tissue roll with a tube? Or is it a Scott Naturals Tube Free Roll?

Oh and yes it was the Tube Free Roll ... told you the only difference was the missing tube!

I will definitely be looking for this product in my local store ... yes I will be Tossing the Tube!  And you should too!  Still a great product even without the tube AND its better for the environment (less cardboard/paper for the landfills)

 #SimplyScottSquad, #TossTheTube, #sponsored.

I received a 4 pack of the product for free from Scott through Crowdtap to facilitate my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I use personally or that I believe would be good for my readers.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Peppermint Cheesecake Dip

I love sharing some of the great recipes I have found using my Tupperware.  This would be great for the Christmas Season.

I know I know ... but lets face it, no matter what you have on the buffet table, you MUST have something that is on the "sweet" side.  This one is perfect.  You can make it ahead, because it does keep in the refrigerator for a week .. but you really need to be careful .......... it may disappear by the spoonful if it is "found" and then you will be making more the day of your event.

I love my Quick Chef Pro, because I can use it for so many things, including this recipe.  It stays within easy access for my almost daily meal prep.

Don't forget you can always check out any of the Tupperware pieces in my published recipes on my Tupperware Site.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

YOU were Created to be ....

I know that there are a lot of people who are feeling like they NEED to be something that they are not, especially at this time of year.

When they can't be those things, either because they are physically or mentally or emotionally unable to be what they think someone else wants them to be ... they feel like a failure.

I am here to tell you that they are NOT.

I think this one pretty well says it all ...

I think once you accept that you were created to be victorious ... 
you will start to feel that way. 

And it feels pretty darned good!
Accept your victories 
no matter the size!