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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Happiness isn't ....

I know we see a lot of posts about what happiness is all about.
I know you have seen them, because I have seen them more times than I can count.

But you know what?
What we really need to think about is what Happiness Isn't.

Yes you saw correctly.
What Happiness Isn't about ...

If you really start to think about it, you will see that I am right.

We we start to really think about all the things that we do have, we start to realize that we are blessed.

It doesn't mean that we wouldn't like to have more of something or have something we don't have or even have less of something that we do have and would rather we didn't.

Think about it for a few and then reflect on how things could have been if you weren't so blessed.  And not just material things.  Family, friends, health ... sometimes those are more important than breathing itself.

And then you will thank me.
Just as I have to thank Smile and Shine