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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The return of The Fresh Diet Fairy

It was such a nice thing to know that The Fresh Diet would be delivered to my door for Wednesday morning.  It feels like forever since the fresh diet fairy has made his "appearance" - although I've never actually seen him.

I actually had a surprise in my delivery.  You see, in the last 22 days that I had received my Fresh Diet Buddy, it had only once arrived before 1AM and even that one time it was about 11:30.  Yes, I live a ways from the NY kitchen.  Well I think my delivery was around 10pm - I was just thinking "oh I forgot to put out my empty bag, better go before I forget" and there it was, sitting inside the back door, just outside my kitchen door.  I have to say I just LOVE my Fresh Diet Fairy!

So this morning, around 6 (yes I slept in) I came downstairs and made the coffee and went to look at what I had today for breakfast.  I had ordered my meals for this week while my son was here for a visit and to be honest I forgot WHAT I had ordered (except for dinner).

Breakfast was Hawaiian Pineapple Stuffed Whole Wheat French Toast with Strawberries and Blueberry Cottage Cheese.  I really like the stuffed French Toast from The Fresh Diet, although this wasn't my favorite.  I don't know exactly why - perhaps it was the "heated" pineapple.  I really like pineapple but I don't normally have it hot.  I have to say, I've not always liked Cottage Cheese but it did seem to "grow" on me and I started buying it at the grocery store from time to time - but it was ALWAYS plain, never with any additives (ha).   I think the only way I have had it through The Fresh Diet is with fruit of some sort.  It IS a nice change of pace.

Lunch was Mushroom Souffle & Gruyere Cheese Panini on Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread.  I have had this one before - it is a very tasty sandwich.  I will say that I think the first time I had it was better - but I will definitely order this one again so that I can make all my "office mates" drool as I sit in the kitchen with my lunch.  Who knows I could have a whole new crop of followers when they get to witness everything that comes out of that bag.  Yes it IS this good!

My Snack for today was Chicken Skewer with Tequila Lime Glaze.  I know the picture is not all that "exciting".  Sorry  -  but how do you make 2 little "skewers" look exciting?  I think if there had been a real "glaze" that you could see and taste, this would have been an awesome snack.  Now the chicken pieces were moist and tender, but it was "just" chicken flavor no tequila lime taste to be found.  A little "cup" of glaze to add as we wanted would have been a nice touch and I bet make this snack "pop".  I'm finding I like things to be stronger flavored - I guess bland or lightly seasoned aren't for me anymore.

Dinner was Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass with Citrus Chipotle Sauce with Sauteed Baby Bok-Choy and Haricot Vert.  I have had the Sea Bass before, and back then I admitted that I really wasn't a fish person.  Well if you are even remotely adventurous - you MUST try this dish.  Coming from a non-fish person, there is no better praise, as THIS is so sweet and buttery tasting.  If nothing else THIS protein entree will make you a fish person.  I know it did for me.  Now I really like that I get my "sauce" in a little cup to add as much as I like - sometimes I like all of it and other times I like just a little and then add more as I go.  Today I put a little on top of my fish and then put a little of the "extra" on my Bok-Choy - let me tell you it was the perfect little extra to make the Bok-Choy pop!  The fish is so light and buttery tasting you don't want to over power it with too much sauce ...... but I thought oh I'll try it on the veggies too.  I WILL be doing that again.  I'm really liking the Citrus Chipotle Sauce.

Now Dessert was Apricot Cheese Cake.  I could just say ........ Cheesecake, What MORE needs to be said - but well I have to say it again.  Please tell me what plan allows you to have cheesecake (and great variety of cheesecakes) every day and still works?  This IS the only one I've seen and tried - and its working for me - enough said. 

It was cute, Jenn decided she was needing some cheesecake too, so she got some of the cheesecake factory cheesecake from the freezer (shhhh) and left it on the counter to defrost.  I came into the kitchen, saw it and called up the stairs thanking her for my chocolate cheesecake.  She was came running down the stairs saying ..... NO NO you HAVE your cheesecake and until I can get mine ......  So I didn't get "tempted" to taste hers - look at her initials "carved" into the side. 

Like THAT would have stopped me.  But then I got my own Fresh Diet Cheesecake and I didn't want hers (now chocolate cheesecake from The Fresh Diet would be nice - hint hint).

It really was nice to have The Fresh Diet Meals delivered to my door so that I didn't have to think about meals or preparation or anything while I was trying to get all my holiday shopping finished.  I know its Dec 15th and I think I am finished - this is almost unheard of.  I think the only other time I was finished before the 15th was the year I had my son - since he was due towards the end of December.  He was our Christmas present in 1985 - I came home from the hospital on Christmas afternoon with a little "extra" stocking for the tree.  That year I was finished before I went on maternity leave (two weeks before he was due).  That was 25 years ago and I don't think I have managed it since!

My point is I didn't have to worry about shopping for my meals, doing any of the preparation, no clean up to speak of ......... and I had gourmet meals without breaking a sweat!  You really should think about trying The Fresh Diet.  It really is a wonderful plan - think of it as a holiday gift to YOU from YOU.  You will definitely be glad that you did.  Check it out they have a try 5 days for $155 special going on right now.  Not a bad deal.  Check out their Facebook Page or call 1-866-FRESH-50.  Trust me YOU WILL love it

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