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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do you have an E~reader

Have you joined this revolution that seems to have taken over?  I have.  I received a Sony touch e-reader for Christmas and have started to "fill" it with things to read while waiting in the airport and on the plane while Jenn and I leave this winter wonderland for a while.

If you have one, what kind of e-reader do you have?  kindle? nook? Sony? something else?

What kinds of books do you have?   What ones do you suggest?  I'm being incredibly cheap right now looking for books, but I'm sure I will get better with some suggestions of great books to read.

So give me some suggestions.  So maybe I won't look so cheap if someone looks at my reader ...


Feelin' Froggy...Gotta Jump! said...

I have a kindle 2. I love it and can't seem to put it down. I like to read my trash novels on it but have been snatching up the Free books on Amazon. I have most of the classics downloaded and have enjoyed reading books like Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes and so on. They were all free! Amazom is awesome for the cost of their books. I am not sure if the Amazon Kindle software is compatable but you can check the sony upload for the free books as well. I am sure they offer the same. I love my romance novels as well and have series after series uploaded. I have just recenly uploaded 3 new books in a series. LOL! So now I have over 110 books on my Kindle. Did I mention I love it!?! I keep telling my husband it is the best present EVER! I also have several suggested reading for school and from friends on self help and all that. I read everything. I am going to start look for some great mystery novels here soon. I am growing tired of my trash novels again.... so I guess my suggestion is to just download what you are interested in. It will fill up before you know it! Good luck and Enjoy your reader!

Feelin' Froggy...Gotta Jump! said...

I forgot to add that you will want to set a budget or you will find that you can easily spend over 300 a month on books... making them so easy to order sure makes it easy to spend spend spend!

Trish said...

I got a Nook and right now I have all my Paranormal romance books on there....SWOON! Not sure what genre books you like but may I suggest my favorite series ever?....J.R.Ward lack Dagger Brotherhood...Book 1 is Dark Lover! Again I say SWOON!

Here are some links for free ebooks, can't get any cheaper than that :)



Queenie Jeannie said...

I got my Kindle right after we arrived in Italy. I love, love, love to read and being in transit, I had no place to store them. Books "on tap" is just heavenly!!!

With Amazon, there are thousands and thousands of FREE BOOKS you can download and I have many of my favorites (classics) loaded up. Also, even the brand new, just out books cost less than $10. For Christmas I got a new cover so I can use the light I bought a while ago.

I wouldn't be without mine now that I have it!!!

The Social Frog said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Like you read, I do have the Kindle 3 and I love it! Amazon has many free books, old ones and new books too, promotional ones. I like to read series and so far one of my favorite series has been the "Virgin River Serie" by Robyn Carr. She is up to book 13 just released on the 28th and there are 2 more to come out in February & March as well.
I have books of all kinds from Debbie Macomber to Stephen King. I am not sure about the prices of the Sony books but I have been pleased with Amazon but really the Publisher sets the prices for the book. I do believe depending on what Sony you have, you can use it at your library if your library has such services. The Kindle does not have this ability and it does not matter to me either personally as my library is super small where I live currently and in May we are moving to Japan for 3 years, so I wont have a library to use it at anyways, so that was not an interest to me but I know it is to many. I've had a Kindle since 2009 and love it. I do still buy a DTB every once in a while, especially if it is one that is not available yet in an eBook. How do you feel the prices are of the books through Sony?