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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Office gifts already figured out

Finding gifts for people in the office (you know the infamous grab-bag event) is always difficult for me especially when you have a limited amount to spend.  I hate that it is a stressful situation for me and so it seems, for many.   Now having this addressed by a male, could give a rather unique spin on this dilemma so I set out to find help in this annual event.

We have a guest post written by Lawrence Kenton on this very subject.

Our office Christmas party is going to be really early this year because of all the different business trips we have scheduled over the next month or so and that's just what worked for everyone to be able to come to it. So that means that I also had to start thinking early about the stuff that I was going to get for everyone at the party.

Most of the time instead of doing secret Santa, we just give each other cookies, fudge, or some sort of baked goods like that. But unlike all the other men in the office, I'm not married so I can't rely on a wife to whip together a gift like that for me. So I used my Clear wireless internet service to look up some gifts that I could make pretty easily.

I thought that out of all the homemade gift ideas that I came across, I thought that ones that have cookie or other mixes in a jar with directions to add eggs or whatever else is needed were the best, so I'm going to throw some of those together.

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