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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fresh Diet Dec 21st

I looked outside my door this morning (yes my kitchen door - in the back) and there was my buddy sitting there waiting for me to open the door.  See I just have to say this again - The Fresh Diet is the most customer friendly - customer needs based company I have ever met.  If you read yesterdays post, you know that I called because my buddy was left at the front door and not the back.  Now again I called because I was concerned that TFD Fairy who delivers my buddy each night/morning would get hurt on those steps in the dark.  Right away it was taken care of - no questions asked.  I LOVE THIS COMPANY!

This mornings Breakfast was Asparagus & Cheddar Cheese Quiche with Fresh Pineapple.  This was loaded with asparagus!  So much so that the Cheddar Cheese was just melted on top as it baked - it couldn't melt down into the egg as it cooked.  That being said - this is wonderful.  It was really filling and very very tasty.  Now I'm not sure if you would have enjoyed it as much as I did if you weren't a fan of Asparagus ...... but that's not my problem.  I love properly cooked Asparagus.

Lunch was Grilled Wild Mahi Mahi on Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread with lettuce, tomato and Thousand Island Dressing.  Mahi Mahi was one fish that I liked before I started on The Fresh Diet, and there weren't many on that list.  I first had this fish when I was "rewarding" myself with a trip to Hawaii when I was graduating from college.  I find that it is very difficult to find good Mahi Mahi on the East Coast ... well that was until I found this option on The Fresh Diet menu.  This was an excellent sandwich.  I love the bread (yes that is one of my weaknesses) even though it is Whole Wheat it has a nice flavor without the usual whole wheat "overload".  Even in late December the tomato tasted like tomato - and from a Jersey girl that is saying a lot!  There was just enough Thousand Island Dressing to put some on both sides of the bread without making it soggy or overdoing it.  This is a definite keeper.   If you can try this sandwich, even if you don't think you would like fish, you must - it will make a fish lover out of you.

My snack for today was the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie.  I had this with a nice cup of tea when I got home in the afternoon.  I expected the cookie to be very soft and chewy like some of the other cookies I've had from The Fresh Diet, but this was a firmer, crunchier cookie.  But it still had a lot of flavor.  I would definitely get this again - it wasn't an overkill of cranberries or oatmeal, but to be honest I have no idea how they could have done that since as you can see there were quite a few cranberries in the cookie.

Dinner was the Garden Vegetable Burger with Spanish Style Brown Rice and Sauteed Mushroom Medley.  I have had veggie burgers before, but this was not the "standard" - it was actually much larger and thicker than I had expected.  I did like this meal, however I think it would have been better on a whole wheat bun with a "dressing" of some kind.  Now I know if that happened, there wouldn't be the sides I had - but well that was my take on this entree item.  I did enjoy with with the rice and mushrooms, but it was a little dryer than most entrees I've had.  The rice and mushrooms were a good side - I actually mixed them together as I was eating them so it 1) seemed much larger on the plate and 2) added the mushroom flavor all throughout the rice.  I will definitely get these together again ..... if they are offered at the same time.  The sides rotate all the time too and not always offered at the same time (at least I haven't noticed that they are).

Dessert was Honey Almond Cheese Cake.  Now when I selected this snack/dessert I did get a pop-up saying something about a carb alert about too many carbs for the day - or something like that.  But hey its cheesecake ........ I WANTED it and I GOT IT.  I just want to say this was so nice.  The Almond slices were still somewhat "solid" so we there was still a tiny crunch to them.  It was such a nice surprise when you had that forkful that wasn't just creamy cheesecake (not that there is anything wrong with creamy cheesecake mind you), the added texture was so perfect.  But then there isn't anything bad you can say about The Fresh Diet's Cheesecake ....... I don't think I have had one slice that didn't make me happy :)
I was going to "share" this with Jenn as a celebration for the end of her semester, especially since she got her grades (love college professors who post grades quickly) and even with worrying about her last 2 finals she still managed 2 A's, a B+ and a B ..... not too shabby!  But she had a chocolate lava cake to share with Adam ... so I got to keep my Fresh Diet Cheesecake again .... ahhhh such a good deal!

If you are even remotely tempted to order The Fresh Diet meals, but afraid of the commitment, check out their special - 5 days for $155, which is a great deal.  If you are ready for a month commitment, jump on over, call them at 1-866-FRESH50 to lock in the daily price of $32.99 (a $12 a day savings) for 31 days.  I think they have a number of new entrees coming for the new year and yes, I will be trying those too and sharing with you.  Why don't you go check out their deal and the Fresh Diet Facebook Page - we have LOTS of fun there too.

Check it out - then you TOO could be eating The Fresh Diet way!  I am sooooo glad I stopped into their facebook page at the suggestion of my friend Donna back in September ....... it was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time - well that and purchasing my own month during their Black Friday Sale.  Between the winnings I've had (on other blogs as well as their facebook contests) and my purchase I will be able to share meals with you through some time in April - a tax season bonus for me!

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