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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Fresh Diet Wednesday Dec 22nd

December 22nd was my son's birthday.  I have no idea how it is possible that I would have a son who is now a quarter of a century old!  I mean really do I LOOK and ACT old enough to have a son that old?  Of course not.

But I do - Dan arrived at 7:17pm 25 years ago ......... and has made me proud every minute of every day since.

But this is about my Fresh Diet delivery for Wednesday, so I will stop being such a "sappy" mom and get to the business at hand.

I just love, as you know, seeing my buddy sitting outside my door each morning.  This morning was no exception.  Breakfast was Cajun Style Egg White Omelet with Bell Pepper, Onions, Turkey Sausage and Roasted Roma Tomato.  I have to say that although this was pretty good, it was not my favorite breakfast so far.  I guess because it was egg whites and not "egg", it was a much lighter tasting and feeling entree.  I was a bit surprised that I wasn't feeling as "full and satisfied" as usual and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to last until lunch.  I don't know, maybe if it had some toast or something a bit more filling.  By noon time I was feeling VERY hungry, and that is unusual for me while eating The Fresh Diet way.

Lunch was Asian Flank Steak on Whole Wheat Roll with Szechwan Style Slaw and Peanut Sauce.  With all the running around I had to do yesterday, I had a Starbucks coffee (yes I know bad girl) around 11:30 because I was no where near home and continued running.  I didn't get to have this lunch until almost 2PM and was already past hungry.  This meal was, as my daughter would say, "da bomb".   I had seen a picture of the kitchen staff preparing the steak and thought "oh that looks good" forgetting that I had ordered it and I have to tell you it did not disappoint!  The steak was actually tender, even though it wasn't sliced paper thin.  And the taste was perfection.  I just love The Fresh Diet rolls - they are always soft, yet chewy, and very very tasty without any of the usual "whole wheat" overkill taste.  The Slaw was really good - but definitely on the spicy side.  I had learned my lesson before, and only put a little of any sauce on my meals until I taste it, to gauge the "spiciness".  This sauce was a little spicy (but it could have been because of the slaw) so I only put a little on the roll and left the rest of "dunking".  THIS is a definite KEEPER - I LOVED IT.

My snack today was Mini Veggie Egg Rolls with Peanut Sauce.  Note the theme here ... Peanut Sauce again.  Well I have just one thing to say about this snack --- It was so STINKIN' GOOD!  Some people have even eaten these cold, but I had mine slightly warmed because I hadn't taken them out of the fridge before I thought about a snack (at almost 5PM).  Now when I warmed them, they didn't get soggy or greasy tasting, and the peanut sauce was a perfect compliment.  If you are even remotely interested in egg rolls - this is a great option.  I will be on the lookout for these again.

Dinner was Turkey Chili Con Carne with Whole Wheat Fettuccine Pasta and Lemon Parsley Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  I had such hope for this entree, but alas it fell short.  I was rather surprised because it looked so good.  The Chili was rather bland - almost like we forgot to add the spice.  Turkey needs to be seasoned well because it is a "blander" meat to begin with and chili is suppose to be a little on the spice side.  Unfortunately it wasn't in this dish.  The Pasta was really good - wasn't as al dente as it has been in the past without being "mush" as it can sometimes be when it is reheated (because it becomes over-cooked).  The Brussels Sprouts were wonderful!  I know I must be strange, I LOVE Brussels Sprouts.  But these were really tasty.  Perhaps it was the Lemon Parsley addition, but these will definitely be on my menu the next time they show up again.

Dessert was Key Lime Cheesecake.  This was a little smaller than the usual slice of Cheesecake, but it was VERY flavorful.  I'm not sure if you can see in the picture - but it has this light green color to the cheesecake so you just know there is something going on there.  Yes, this is another keeper - but then again it's cheesecake - What's not to love about cheesecake?

Oh and I have lost another pound even with all the holiday gatherings I have already been to and all the running around (and limited water/maximum coffee) and cookies and candies and oh so many other tempting treats, so I am again a happy camper.  Thank you The Fresh Diet.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, Please tell me what plan out there allows you to eat gourmet meals AND cheesecake every day and still lose weight?  Not one that I have tried (and God knows I've tried many) before this one BUT  This one DOES and I am so very glad that I found them.  It just makes it so much easier to step on the scale each morning and not cringe!

If you are even remotely tempted to order The Fresh Diet meals, but afraid of the commitment, check out their special - 5 days for $155, which is a great deal.  If you are ready for a month commitment, jump on over, call them at 1-866-FRESH50 to lock in the daily price of $32.99 (a $12 a day savings) for 31 days.  I think they have a number of new entrees coming for the new year and yes, I will be trying those too and sharing with you.  Why don't you go check out their deal and the Fresh Diet Facebook Page - we have LOTS of fun there too.

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