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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Fresh Diet Contest

Yes, we are bringing you yet another opportunity to win some of your own Fresh Diet meals.  I know that you have been enjoying all my meals (and so have I) and you are just dying to have your own to try.  

Well here is your chance - look at that picture (rather handsome individual if I do say so myself) and come up with a great caption.  Then jump on over to The Fresh Diet Facebook page and post your gem and perhaps you too could be enjoying the same wonderfully fresh, absolutely exquisite meals created under the tutelage of this very same person - our own Chef Yos!

Now don't be taking too long to come up with  you captions - the contest ends on December 29th at midnight - yes tomorrow at midnight.  So get creative and get clicking!


The Fresh Diet CONTEST - Fresh food.... Frozen Chef!

Caption this picture of our beloved Chef Yos and win a FREE WEEK of The Fresh Diet. Ends midnight 12/29. Two entries per person. Need your ZIP CODE if you aren't a TFD customer yet.


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