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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Fresh Diet - Thurs Dec 2nd

I can not tell you how happy I am to be getting The Fresh Diet again this week.  I have had so many things going on that the last, and I do mean last, thing I had time to think about was shopping for food (good, fresh food), meal preparation and then cooking.  With The Fresh Diet, I didn't have to do any of this.  It was as easy as opening the bag, warming in the microwave, putting it on the plate (my choice) and eating GREAT food.

Thursday morning I came down to make the coffee and found my buddy waiting patiently for me to open the door.  I just love seeing him (or is it her?) there each morning.  It is like a ray of sunshine on some very cold and dark mornings.

This morning I have another new entree for me Peanut Butter Chip Muffin with Fresh Papaya & Banana Cottage Cheese.  I am truly in love with these new items - muffins, who couldn't get behind a nice muffin for breakfast?  I mean Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme make a living on donuts and muffins and they are not all that good for you.  This muffin was moist, definitely tasted of peanut butter but not overly intense, and good for you!  I just HAVE to figure out how these are made.  Even Jenn would like these for breakfast and wouldn't be making those DD runs on the way to class - well maybe still for a large coffee but that's to stay awake in some of those lectures (shhhh)  I really like cottage cheese plain, but these "flavored/fruited" blends are starting to grow on me. 

Lunch was a Chicken Caesar Wrap with Romaine Lettuce and Cucumber on a Sun-Dried Tomato Tortilla Wrap.  I have had this before, in one of the early days in October, and still like it.  This time I opened up the wrap and put the Caesar dressing INSIDE on the chicken instead of using the little cup to "dip".  I think it was better this way because it was all through the wrap and not just on a little bite.  The only thing I really wanted was more lettuce and cucumber in the wrap.  Now this sounds funny, even to me.  One of the great benefits of The Fresh Diet, has been the increased desire for veggies.  Who would have thought that?  Vegetable cravings?  I mean I'm not a vegetarian (although that would also work with TFD) but I've come to a greater appreciation of good, fresh, tasty vegetables.

For a snack today I had the Greek Spanakopita with Spinach & Feta Cheese in Filo Dough.  I have also had this one before and I still love it.  Neither the Spinach nor the Feta overpower the other or the Filo.  And the Filo is so light and flaky even after heating up in the microwave.  Most "dough" products can get hard and dried out when it is put in the microwave unless you are very careful.  The Fresh Diet seems to know the secret because even this Filo Dough was still light and flaky and darn tasty.  I really could make a lunch or dinner out of these with no problems - it was that good.

Dinner was Fillet of Wild Snapper with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto with Lemon Zest Lima Bean Puree and Steamed Sugar Snaps.  I seem to be on a "fish" run since I think this is the third day in a row that I ordered it.  And yes I wanted to try something I hadn't had before and things I don't normally cook at home.  The snapper, you can see, was HUGE.  Although it was light, moist and tender it was not a favorite of mine, but then I don't think I have had Snapper before anywhere.  It had nothing to do with the preparation, because it did have a good taste to it, it was just not as good as some of the others I have had this week.  The Lima Bean Puree was really interesting.  I will admit that I really like lima beans, so I don't know if you don't like them that you would like this, but I really liked it.  Again this was not a total puree so it had some texture to it that I also liked.  The Steamed Sugar Snaps were OUT OF THIS WORLD.  They had a really nice sweetness to them that I just loved.  I hope they have these again because they will definitely be on my plate!

Dessert was a Hazel Nut Espresso Muffin.  This was very moist and had a nice flavor to it but not overly "Hazel Nutty".  I actually tasted more of the espresso than the hazel nut.  I did have this with a cup (ok huge mug) of green tea for a nice end of the day.  I am pretty sure this was made with some whole wheat flour, even though it wasn't specifically noted, because of the texture, but it really was good.  To be honest, I don't know if it is that I am getting use to more whole wheat breads and muffins or if it is just the way The Fresh Diet kitchens use this flour.  But whichever it is - I'm happy to continue getting these as long as I can.  Now if I could figure out how they do it for when I am not getting my meals delivered ........ or make them for the family I would be very happy.  I wonder if I could get Chef to spill the beans????  We could keep it a secret between friends - please .....

Don't forget to check out the Fresh Diet Facebook Page for great deals and contests and giveaways - you never know you too could be lucky enough to be trying The Fresh Diet delivered to your door in the next weeks or months to come!

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Mimi said...

These foods just look so good & you do such a great job describing them honestly. They should hire you for advertising!

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