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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Fresh Diet - Friday Dec 3rd

It may seem like a little thing to you, but when I come down to make the coffee each morning, and see my buddy from The Fresh Diet, waiting for me outside the kitchen door, I always break into a smile.  It is getting to be rather cold here in the Northeast, but we still have days that get warm (not sure if that makes sense since it is December already) so when I get to select my meals for each day, I try to remember that.  This was suppose to be one of those "warmer" days - suppose to be but it didn't work out that way.  I think the cold days of late fall / early winter are here to stay.

Breakfast this morning was a Fresh Fruit Salad with Cinnamon Apple Yogurt.  I have to say the fruit continues to be very fresh, even in December.  Yes some of the fruit is cut and as with all cut fruit, it can start to discolor.  Perhaps you can see in the pears, that they are not totally "white".  The slight discoloration in no way effected the taste.  I really love the fruit salads that The Fresh Diet provides.  I have loved yogurt for a very long time, and lately (when not eating TFD meals) I have eaten mainly Greek Yogurt, because of the higher protein, but the fruited or flavored yogurt that I get with my Fresh Diet meals is really good.  It is creamier and "looser" than the greek yogurt I use to eat.  Perhaps it is Greek yogurt with the added fruit and its juice that makes it looser, I don't know - but I will say it definitely is tasty!  This morning's yogurt was no exception - pieces of apple in many spoonfuls and a definite cinnamon flavor but not overpowering. 

Lunch was a new entree for me, Feta Cheese Salad with Fire Roasted Bell Peppers, Asparagus, Sun-dried Tomato, Endive & Radicchio mix with a Creamy Balsamic Dressing.  As you can see this is another huge salad.  And if you look you can see where I "spilled" the dressing on the side ...... see not a professional picture, just me showing what I am eating.  This is a definite keeper of a salad.  The peppers were sweet and the sun-dried tomato had a "chewy" texture that was very nice.  The Endive and Radicchio adds a bit of a bite to the salad - a peppery bite that is the nature of those lettuces - that was a nice contrast to the other vegetables.  I really liked the Asparagus spears that I found in the mix.  And the Feta - there really was a very nice amount of cheese on my salad, but I don't think you can see it, but it didn't take over the dish.

My snack for the day was an Artichoke Bottom filled with Herbed Cheese.  Yes, it was another new item, and really really good.  I would bet this herbed cheese would be good on/in just about anything!  And I have to say, although it was only 1 ..... it was a big artichoke and perfect for that in-between time when you want something but you don't know what.

Dinner was Fillet of Catfish with BBQ Peppercorn Brandy Sauce with Sweet Potato Hash and Garlic Creamed Spinach and Arugula.  Yes, for a person who is not big on "fish" I have been having a lot of fish meals lately.  Some I have loved and will definitely add to my menu when they appear, others I wasn't that excited about but might add to my meals again, and then others where I won't get again.  The Catfish falls into the maybe category.  I'm really not sure how to describe this one.  The peppercorn sauce definitely overpowered the fish.  I had put it over the fish before I ate it ..... maybe I would have liked the fish more if it had been "plain".  I couldn't tell if it was a fish I would like because of the sauce, since it seemed that the fillet was a very white light fish, but I couldn't taste it.  The sweet potato hash didn't seem to be a hash (unless I don't really know what a hash is) but was more of a boiled potato that got my attention.  I am finding that without the thick syrupy coating that I've had on sweet potatoes before, I really like them.  The Garlic Creamed Spinach and Arugula just seemed to be steamed spinach to me.  Now I like spinach (as you can see, if you have been reading here, I've ordered spinach a few times before) but this was not the different side that I had hoped to try.  That being said - I would still say, Popeye would be proud - spinach is good eats!

Dessert was Coconut Cheesecake.  What more is there to say?  It still blows me away, that I can have cheesecake while on this plan and still lose weight.  I was holding out, trying to wait as long as I could before having my dessert.  I have been trying to make my meals a little more "evenly" spread over the day.  I had my cheesecake around 8:30 with a nice cup of coffee.  It really was the perfect end for a day's meals.  I think you can see that this is a nice firm cheesecake (not pie like) that I love. 

Now if you like what you see, you should get yourself over to The Fresh Diet Facebook Page, because they are having a contest for a free MONTH of meals.  Here's the contest - For a Month of TFD, WHAT would you DO?  If you add a picture or a video you could also win a free month.  And the more people we get to enter, the more prizes there will be.  You see the Fearless Facebook Leader just loves to "over-give" and we just love when he does that (thanks Jim).  The contest was originally for 1 free month.  Then there was a decision to add another free month if you did a picture or video.  Then as is usually the case ....... when things start rolling and more and more people enter, we started to hear about his love of over-giving, which could mean days or weeks more given to contestants.  So get on over there, "like" The Fresh Diet and ENTER the contest before 12/5 at midnight.  You too could win and be eating The Fresh Diet Way like MOI.

If contests aren't your thing, and you just want to order - call 1-866-FRESH 50.  Tell them that I sent you - Just like to let them know that I am one of their faithful cheerleaders .. Oh how I love this.  The people are so friendly (and not just because you are buying their meals) like family members and so very helpful.  You won't be disappointed if you get their service.

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