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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The AWESOME Fresh Diet Meals

I received my nightly visit from the Fresh Diet Fairy for my Thursday and Friday meals but between an unexpected dinner out with my husband's clients and then a visit to the dentist for a broken tooth - I haven't had the opportunity to post my meals for those days.  I'm sorry - but I want to rectify that right now.  You really don't want to miss these.
So follow along as I mix it up here with 2 days of fabulous meals in one post!  Everything for both days were brand new items except Friday's dessert, never before seen here, although they are not new to The Fresh Diet. 

On Thursday morning I had Whole Wheat Breakfast Bruschetta with Scrambled Eggs, Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomato and Fresh Basil.  Oh MAN this was so good.  Now word of warning you must like the taste of goat cheese, but it is a prominent flavor.  I'm not sure if its because it was heated or because it was mixed with the egg, but I was in heaven.  And LOTS of staying power for sure.  I was not the least bit hungry that morning after eating this meal - very filling.

On Friday morning, before I went to the dentist I had Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes with Fresh Pineapple & Wild Berry Sauce.  These were very good as well.  My daughter, who is not a blueberry person (I know how can you not be?) would have liked these too I think.  The blueberry wasn't over-powering - more of a mmmm that was good flavor.  I had these at 6:15 (yes that was crazy) because I had to be at the dentist at 7:30.  By the time he finished prepping my tooth for a cap - I was really glad I had eaten these before I left.  Somehow I was still satisfied and not even thinking about a rumbling in my tummy at noon.

Thursday's lunch was Blue Cheese Salad with Baby Corn, Hearts of Palm, Romaine Lettuce and Sun Dried Tomato with Basil Vinaigrette Dressing.  I have to be honest, I didn't think there could be another salad offered that I would love - well I am wrong, this one is so good.  The baby corns were cut into pieces (which I thought was so cute) so that it was able to be in "every bite". 

Friday's lunch was a Jamaican Style Chicken Wrap with Baby Lettuce, Red Onion and Fruit Chutney.  Now because of the dental work, I didn't eat this until Saturday.  Even having it sit in the fridge for the day didn't harm it in any way.  This was very good too.  The chicken had a little bit of a kick, but not too much.  And the Fruit Chutney ... oh I have to find a way to make this one ........... EVERYONE would like this.

Thursday's snack was Whole Wheat Beef Ravioli with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto.  These were so cute and really tasted great. 

Friday's snack was Steamed Asian Style Tuna Dumpling with Soy Dipping Sauce.  Now again because of the dental work I didn't have these ...... yet.  I will be having them this afternoon.  I will fill you in on this one too.

Thursday's dinner was Home Style Crab Cake with Oregano Broccoli Mash and Southwestern Corn Saute.  I actually had this one on Friday night because I thought it would be softer on my teeth.  Again sitting in the fridge did not effect the taste at all.  The Crab Cake was so moist and flavorful - no filler, like some crab cakes are.  I really enjoyed the sides as well. 

Friday's dinner was Turkey Sage and Pine Nut Meatballs with Sweet Potato& Leeks Mash and Roasted Water Chestnuts, which I will have tonight.  But I will say they look good.  I'll let you know later tonight.

Thursday's dessert was Sugar Free Apple Cranberry Cake.  I only took a small bite of these on Friday - because I was already full - but wanted to be able to tell you how good it was.  I mean look at it - doesn't it just look like something you would like to see on your plate?

Friday's dessert was Peanut Butter Chip Cheese Cake ....... which I have had before and is still wonderful.  What I really like is the peanut butter doesn't overtake the cheesecake, but just adds to the dish.  But then again ... its' cheesecake, what's not to love?  In my opinion, nothing.

Can't wait to see Monday's meals - but I know my Fresh Diet Fairy will be leaving me a wonderful bag of goodies without fail. 

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