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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tupperware Impressions Bowl Set Deal

Don't know if you saw this or not ... so I'm sharing here too.

This is ONLY good until Friday August 14th so you really need to jump on over to My Tupperware Site and search for the Magical Impressions Set to get this great deal.  I have a set and think it is PERFECT for all kinds of things.  So much so I took a glass set of bowls that I had in the cabinet and replaced them with this set.  No more fear of someone dropping them (old set was heavy) and with the bonus colander and serving tongs at this great price, you can't go wrong!

You can either go to my Tupperware Site and look around/purchase this awesome set (remember before Friday night) or you can jump onto the current party I have set up that will be closing soon too.  Whether you chose ordering directly from my site or through the party link, your purchase will be into processing immediately - the party does not need to close before it is put into the process.

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