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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Begin Each Day

I thought that this one was perfect for today.

Not just because it is a Sunday.  
It is the beginning of the week.  
It is an in your face, but in a sweet way, way to get you ready to start a new month in a few days.

I think when we really bring this to life in our lives, we are at the beginning of a whole new world.

No more thinking that we "deserve" something just because we are here.  No more "deserving" because someone said or did something to us or our family whether it was yesterday or 100 years ago.  

When we start with a grateful heart, we are thanking God for giving us 1 more day.  One more day to make something special with what we have been allowed to have.

Now if we could get more people to take this to heart ... just think of what kind of life we could be living in.  

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