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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ready for School Lunches?

I remember when I went to school (ok it was something like 100 years ago but still) or even when my kids went to school, making lunches was always a challenge.  My kids were always complaining about having a messy lunch, no matter what I did sandwiches ended up "smashed/smooshed/messy".  But being on the bus and then in their lockers ....... they never seemed to remotely look like they did when I packed them in the morning.

I mean this would be the "best" they would look like.

And I know that sometimes they were unrecognizable by the time they got to the lunch room.

I really wish that I had had these Sandwich Keepers from Tupperware!

All those sandwiches, even PB&J, would have looked so much more appetizing.  Think about Egg Salad or Tuna Salad sandwiches in plastic bags or paper, there would be more filling outside the sandwich than in.  These sandwich keepers would make for better sandwiches just because the filling is INSIDE the sandwich!  And look at all the things you could pack in them to make them the envy of the lunch crowd!

And if you have some older kids that still want to take their lunch to school ... and they like salads of all kinds.  Tupperware even has the piece for that as well.  And mom, these are pretty cool for you too.

Comes with its own knife and fork and separate dressing cup....  

Even better than these, although at the time - this was a great solution for all kinds of things, even salad.

Now we also have the Bite on the Go
that also comes with its own spoon, for fruit salads, yogurt 'n fruit, jello salad - possibilities are endless.

And shhhh I know something else that will be coming soon ... but here's a sneak peak
I can see these as the new bento boxes for the lunch set .... I know I will be grabbing a set of these for myself.  

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