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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cooking for One

I know there are times that its just me for dinner, and I have no idea what to make. Sometimes that means I'm not eating (just picking) or not "healthy" or I've got a ton of leftovers to deal with.  

This one is just perfect for those who want something pretty quick and easy, yet really tasty and deserving of your dinner table.

I would make a little rice and a salad and call it dinner.  The Rock 'N Serve is not available from Tupperware anymore, but it is really the same as the Vent 'N Serve that is in the current catalog

Of course we couldn't skip dessert.  Now this one doesn't include chocolate (but I bet you could drizzle some on top) but it does give a nice warm feeling after your meal.  And if you wanted to top it with some vanilla ice cream ... I wouldn't think badly of you.

This is great for individual servings, but you could use any kind of fruit, even canned.  I bet if you had a small can of mixed fruit/fruit cocktail, it would work perfectly in this one too.

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