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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mid August 2015 brochure

I had to share this one since it starts this morning that you can check out on my Tupperware Site!!
There are all kinds of great things to make taking lunches to work or school super easy and allowing them to stay a delectable option. 

Oh and of course some great items for breakfasts too.  So college kids could be helped with all of these too!

The smooth chopper is back, but I'm not sure for how long, so if you are interested in this one - now is the time to grab it.  I had sent this one with my daughter when she first went away and didn't have a real kitchen to work in. She loved it for all kinds of things including smoothies for breakfast!  Now it includes the Chop 'N Prep to make quick work of herbs and onions and such.

The Fall 2015 catalog was released 2 weeks EARLY this morning!  SO starting today until August 28th you can order from the Summer 2015 catalog, the Mid August Brochure AND the Fall 2015 catalog!!  I am really excited because they have a great ADDITION to the catalog ... check it out!!

Remember my Tupperware Site is always open ... so shopping in your PJs is perfectly acceptable!

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