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Monday, June 25, 2012

My talented Cousin Fran

I was just looking at some of the pictures that my cousin Fran (or Frannie as he will always be to me) on my mother's side, had posted on his Flickr site and his website.

I knew I had some talented people in my family - but I have to say I was really impressed with his pictures. I can honestly say that this particular talent did NOT come to me, but I guess it is how Jenn got to show such promise (as her teachers had said) with a camera.

I just picked a few from some of the pictures he has posted ........ I wanted to share my talented cousin with you all - so that you might be as impressed with his work as I am.


And look who we have here ................. I'm so jealous that he got to be close enough to take these pictures!  I love both of them!

He also does some great action shots - I could never get shots like this as the game was on to save my life, yet for Frannie it just seems to be second nature!


As you can see I've added a lot of his pictures of musicians and athletes (you can see more here and here), but he also has captured some politicians as well.

I have to say, I really like this picture of Mitt Romney.  If Mr Romney becomes President - do you think I could get him to autograph this one?  I'm talking about Frannie now (bet you thought I meant Mitt didnt you?)

I hope you will stop by his site and see all the great pictures he has taken.  If you are as impressed as I am with his work, make sure you stop by his Facebook Page - Fran Ruchalski and say "HI".  You can even tell him his cousin Kat, steered you his way ...... that will make him smile!

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