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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Pic

Have you seen this picture of Mitt Romney?  It has been viewed by over 16K people since my cousin took this on May 17th.  As of July 13 it is now over 27,000 - thats over 11K since I was bragging about him just 14 days ago -not too shabby!  Way to go Frannie (and this doesn't count people who see this pic on places like mine without going to see it on his Flickr site - but you really should)

He has some really awesome pictures on his Flickr site (which is where this got picked up by Yahoo News) of Mitt Romney but so much more.

Unfortunately the chance to shoot at the Republican National Convention didn't pan out for him this time (their loss) ..... but I bet if we keep liking his stuff even more doors will open for him.   He really is a wonderful photographer.... and no I'm not just saying that because he is my cousin - I'd be saying this no matter what.

Who knows maybe even Mitt will call him for a few copies and a private sitting!

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