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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alexa Ranking

I am really sad to say that my Alexa Rating/Ranking has taken a dive, and that is making me really sad.

I had been doing really well and thought I would be on my way to a "beautiful" number that would make my Google Ranking better (that also took a hit but I'm not going to even think about that one since they keep changing their "equation"). 

I don't know if my ranking has fallen because, like me, many of my readers are using tablets now to follow blogs (and can't download the toolbar) or if I am just becoming "one of many" and don't come to mind when searching for blogs to read.

Maybe this is a little brash but, as I am going to try and get my Alexa Ranking moving back down in the right direction, I am going to ask that anyone who stops by, would you be so kind as to check out some of my posts and leave me a review on Alexa?

You can hop on over to Alexa and write your review here.  I really would appreciate it.  If I can help out with your ranking, just let me know.  I'll go back to my laptop and leave one so that your numbers will go "down" too.

Thank you for taking the time to do a review - I really appreciate it!

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