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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My second Cravebox delivery

I have to say I am really impressed with the Cravebox boxes.  I received my second box yesterday called -  Summer Spruce Up Limited Edition Cravebox.

And I am really liking this box as much as I liked my first box for May.  Who knew I would like "cleaning" stuff?!   This time the packing materials were blue and yellow and white ....... somebody is going to get some awesome materials next time I ship something (hint - I have a giveaway for bags that will be going out at the end of the month)

First off I have a coupon for Glad Tall Kitchen Bags - and I LOVE these bags!  They are the ones I normally buy so already there is a score!

There is a can of Sprayaway Glass Cleaner that is ammonia-free, with a clean scent that doesn't leave streaks or film or drips - This could be my bathroom  mirror's new best friend.

Then we have a Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth.  It scrubs on one side and wipes on the other.  It says that it is safe for non-stick cookware (I didn't think they made anything else anymore) dishes, bake-ware and counter tops.    I know this will be used constantly on my stovetop - I swear it is forever getting dirty!  Guess I won't have any excuse to not cook now.

Mr Clean provided Mr Clean Bliss Gloves that are latex free (yayyyy for those with latex allergies) with a plush flocked lining that adds comfort when cleaning AND helps to keep your hands dry.  I'm wondering if I could get Jenn to try them .... no that's probably a pipe dream.

And my all time favorite cleaner, that is so very difficult to find around these parts, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish.  This is a non-bleach formula that will even remove rust!  It's great for cleaning stainless steel, and I love using it on all my pots - no scratches but always cleans just about anything without spending hours cleaning.

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