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Saturday, June 9, 2012

giveaways are acomin'

Ive been gone most of the week in Atlantic City - and of course you knew that if you follow me on facebook or twitter .... but boy am I tired.

Now don't be so quick to be jealous of my week away - it was lots of VERY early mornings (who wants to check in each morning at 7-7:30 yes AM) and lots of late nights.  And of course LOTS of meetings and classes that were lots of fun and educational.

I may post a few pics on here later but I had to jump in here and let you know I have 3, yes count them 3, giveaways that will be starting this week and Im working on another one just 'cause I love you all.

So make sure you check back here every day to either enter new ones - see what else I have up my sleeve - or just hang out and see anything you might have missed.

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