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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help you Unpack

I know you looked at this post title and said ..........
what the heck is she thinking?
What is this all about? 
No it's not really for me and my relationship - but as a reminder for EVERYONE


Well let me tell you.
I think that today (maybe even more that when I was younger) that everyone is looking for someone to "belong" to in one way or another, who will accept them as they are.

No more trying to "fit" into a relationship. 
No more suppressing who we really are so that we can "belong". 

I really think that this is a wonderful step in the RIGHT direction.

EVERYONE has something that they carry around with them that effects their relationships.  And remember the word relationships is all encompassing - friends/family/lovers/co-workers.  You get the idea.

So remember your "baggage" can make you unique, but it can also "exclude" you IF you let it.  What you really need to do is find people to help you "unpack" so that you can be "included"

What do YOU think?

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