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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hugs - Want one?

Are you a hugger?

 I know the women in this family are --- perhaps its in our DNA, or maybe we are just "touchy/feely" folks. The men in the family ..... well some are and some aren't. Sometimes I think that those who "aren't" really "want" to be but don't want to take the first step, they're afraid of being rebuffed.

Here is a wonderful explanation on Hugging and WHY we should all be huggers.

How about you? 
Are YOU a hugger?

See its all very scientific.  We ALL need hugs EVERYDAY.  

Does this make any difference to you in your perspective of "hugging"?

 Here you go ....... MY hug to YOU to start your week.

Now go out and share yourself - start your week by giving others a hug!

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