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Monday, August 10, 2015

No bake fun fetti cakes!

I saw this one and just HAD to share.

I can see these being made anywhere with the Tupperware Power Chef or Quick Chef Pro and using the Snack Cups for after lunch or dinner.  You could probably freeze them and they would be defrosted if you wanted to send for lunches for school or work ...  You could probably (I haven't tried it yet) use the ice cream stackers (available through Friday 8/14) for these too.

Oh I could even see these in college dorms for cram sessions :)  Just sayin'

The Tupperware pieces can, as always, be found on my Tupperware Site 
Oh and if you join my team (also can be done from my Tupperware Site) and you become qualified before Aug 28th, you would earn the Tupperware Pressure Cooker for $30 and the Freeze It Set for $20.  If I have 3 who qualify, I will have a drawing for a Gift Certificate for $30!

Questions?  Let me know.  

Thanks Ziplock, there are still things that the Tupperware folks can benefit from here too!

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