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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mind Stimulating/Expanding Puzzle Books

I had the privilege of reviewing 3 books from The Editors and Designers of Alpha Books that I think would be perfect for the summer.  Great for adults and older kids alike.

I don't know about you, but for me the summer was always the time when the kids were out of school so we were always looking for things to keep them busy.  I love these books because you won't end up with that Summer Mind Mush.  You won't have to gear up for September ... your mind with already be in the groove and you had fun keeping it that way.

You know after about 2 weeks of being out of the school routine, they start getting "bored". In some cases, you don't want something that will be too "overly" difficult for them or then they won't do them, and you don't want them to be too "easy" or again, they won't do them and you are back in the same position ... looking/searching for something to keep them busy.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Picture Puzzles, Vol. 2 Puzzle Baron’s Sudoku and Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles, Vol. 2 would definitely get my vote to be a great "rest in the shade" or  mid afternoon relaxation option.

Even if it was a rainy day (perish the thought) thing to pull out to keep the kids involved instead of glued to the TV or the computer.

 I think the Picture Puzzles book is great for just about anyone.  I know you have seen those in many places - just about all the magazines have at least 1 section with something similar to this.  Even younger kids can help "find the differences"

The Logic Puzzles and Sudoku books are a little more difficult although I think older kids would be able to handle these.  They are literally hours of brain-challenging fun.

These three brain-challenging books include a variety of puzzles for beginner through expert solvers.  But if the puzzles prove too difficult, there’s an answer key in each book to help.

But remember no cheating ... no cheating!

I really had fun trying to beat the "average" or  my last "fastest" time and still have quite a few puzzles to go.  The Picture Puzzles book has 100 different puzzles, while the Logic Puzzles has 200 puzzles and the Sudoku has 400 puzzles - so you see it really could take you through the summer keeping the brain motivated. If you would like your very own set of these mind enriching books, I've set up enters on the very easy rafflecopter .  You can do as many, or as few, of the entries as you like.  I have to say this is a great opportunity for kids of ALL ages......... now if I can keep them away from my Jenn........ and Jenn's friends - I've already had to remind them these are MY BOOKS.  So see they really are great fun!

If you are my winner - you can let me know what your best time is ...... or maybe we can have our own contest to see who can complete their puzzle first.

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Deb Anderson said...

Deb Anderson

Nina Kunni said...

Following back from exposure 99% blog hop on linky followers. Thanks for linking up.

beachdreaming said...

Love these things for car rides. Passes the time and keeps the mind sharp.

Jennifer Whedon said...

Awesome post! These would definitely be great to keep busy and pass the time while in a waiting room or something like that!