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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Forever isn't ...........

I have been looking back over this year (yes I know its only half the year) and realize that there have been LOTS of things happening already, but the most prevalent thing has been the number of deaths that we have seen among our friends and family.  Pretty sad way to start the year, isn't it?

 I saw this and was reminded that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, but letting people know how you feel about them is something that you CAN reinforce - it is something that you can promise them

So when you see this, let it be a reminder to you. Let it be that spark that makes you tell those who are important to you just how you feel.

I know I am.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Pic

Have you seen this picture of Mitt Romney?  It has been viewed by over 16K people since my cousin took this on May 17th.  As of July 13 it is now over 27,000 - thats over 11K since I was bragging about him just 14 days ago -not too shabby!  Way to go Frannie (and this doesn't count people who see this pic on places like mine without going to see it on his Flickr site - but you really should)

He has some really awesome pictures on his Flickr site (which is where this got picked up by Yahoo News) of Mitt Romney but so much more.

Unfortunately the chance to shoot at the Republican National Convention didn't pan out for him this time (their loss) ..... but I bet if we keep liking his stuff even more doors will open for him.   He really is a wonderful photographer.... and no I'm not just saying that because he is my cousin - I'd be saying this no matter what.

Who knows maybe even Mitt will call him for a few copies and a private sitting!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Have you Met Sarah from Simply Me?

I have found a new blog to follow.  I know, I know, I have so many that I like to follow, but this one is just too good to pass up. I actually found Sarah at Simply Me through a great group of bloggers that I've recently hooked up with.  

Sarah has a blog that is written without any "airs"; as her title says it's "Simply Me".  I have to say that is one of the things that drew me to this blog.  No feelings of  "I'm Super Blogger listen to what I have to say" in any of her posts.  Just lots of information that is actually usable and lots of fun!

I love that her blog has "daily categories" at the top of the blog - makes it really easy to find (will have to find out how to do that).

One of those tabs is Handy Dandy Monday where I found some DIY things that I can't wait to try!  How about Make your own Natural Shampoo or Natural hair conditioner?  I know I spend a small fortune on hair products - I will be trying these after vacation.

I also love Whatever Wednesday - you just never know what will show up under this tab.

And then we have Food Friday.  What could be wrong with new recipes to try?  Not one thing in my book.

If you are looking for a new blog to read, that is down to earth, well written and fun, make sure you jump on over and visit with Sarah:  Simply Me

When you stop by, tell her Kat sent you ......  See you there!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bean Pot?

Bean Pot
Bean Pot
Who has a Bean Pot?

I do, I do. 
In fact, this is the picture of the one I recently purchased from a wonderful designer, that I became friends with through Facebook.
How about you?  
Do you know what a Bean Pot is?  
Do you know how versatile this little baby is? 
Would you like to have one of your very own?

I'm working on getting a great giveaway together just for you, that will feature this beauty.

And hopefully a few surprised along the way. 

I'm going to call this "Your Vacation Celebration" Giveaway.  Let me know what you think. 
Or do you think I should call it be the start of "Christmas in July"?

Is this something that you would enter? 
Is it something that you would like to see in your kitchen?

Monday, June 25, 2012

My talented Cousin Fran

I was just looking at some of the pictures that my cousin Fran (or Frannie as he will always be to me) on my mother's side, had posted on his Flickr site and his website.

I knew I had some talented people in my family - but I have to say I was really impressed with his pictures. I can honestly say that this particular talent did NOT come to me, but I guess it is how Jenn got to show such promise (as her teachers had said) with a camera.

I just picked a few from some of the pictures he has posted ........ I wanted to share my talented cousin with you all - so that you might be as impressed with his work as I am.


And look who we have here ................. I'm so jealous that he got to be close enough to take these pictures!  I love both of them!

He also does some great action shots - I could never get shots like this as the game was on to save my life, yet for Frannie it just seems to be second nature!


As you can see I've added a lot of his pictures of musicians and athletes (you can see more here and here), but he also has captured some politicians as well.

I have to say, I really like this picture of Mitt Romney.  If Mr Romney becomes President - do you think I could get him to autograph this one?  I'm talking about Frannie now (bet you thought I meant Mitt didnt you?)

I hope you will stop by his site and see all the great pictures he has taken.  If you are as impressed as I am with his work, make sure you stop by his Facebook Page - Fran Ruchalski and say "HI".  You can even tell him his cousin Kat, steered you his way ...... that will make him smile!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


oh My Gosh I can not tell you how much I HATE Spam.

No not the stuff in a can (though I'm not sure I'm a fan of that either), but the comments that appear on my blog posts that are garbage!  If you have a blog - you KNOW what I mean.

This morning I have had to delete 8 more comments - only 1 was in English, the other 7 were in Russian (I believe).  It's just so annoying.

How do you feel about those comments?

If you have a blog, how do you handle spammy comments without annoying your "real" readers?  Are you seeing an increase in Spam or is it just my imagination?

Any comments/help will be appreciated - I'm just getting very frustrated.

Thanks for your help.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Are you prepared for "lights out" this year?

Check this one out the lights out emergency pack from Zaycon Foods.

I'm thinking that this could be an AWESOME addition to everyone's home for those of us that are in "danger" zones for all kinds of events that could make a few days of  food/water/supplies a necessity.

I am going to be checking these out for sure (no more surprises like last year for me).  We have already had a few "flickers" of what's to come as the storms come rolling through.  I really don't think I can be without power for days like last year - but perhaps with this emergency pack - I could be 1) a little better prepared and 2) be a little better able to cope with those "lights out" days and nights.

If you do like these, do me a favor and tell them that Kat Meller told you about them.


Alexa Ranking

I am really sad to say that my Alexa Rating/Ranking has taken a dive, and that is making me really sad.

I had been doing really well and thought I would be on my way to a "beautiful" number that would make my Google Ranking better (that also took a hit but I'm not going to even think about that one since they keep changing their "equation"). 

I don't know if my ranking has fallen because, like me, many of my readers are using tablets now to follow blogs (and can't download the toolbar) or if I am just becoming "one of many" and don't come to mind when searching for blogs to read.

Maybe this is a little brash but, as I am going to try and get my Alexa Ranking moving back down in the right direction, I am going to ask that anyone who stops by, would you be so kind as to check out some of my posts and leave me a review on Alexa?

You can hop on over to Alexa and write your review here.  I really would appreciate it.  If I can help out with your ranking, just let me know.  I'll go back to my laptop and leave one so that your numbers will go "down" too.

Thank you for taking the time to do a review - I really appreciate it!

My second Cravebox delivery

I have to say I am really impressed with the Cravebox boxes.  I received my second box yesterday called -  Summer Spruce Up Limited Edition Cravebox.

And I am really liking this box as much as I liked my first box for May.  Who knew I would like "cleaning" stuff?!   This time the packing materials were blue and yellow and white ....... somebody is going to get some awesome materials next time I ship something (hint - I have a giveaway for bags that will be going out at the end of the month)

First off I have a coupon for Glad Tall Kitchen Bags - and I LOVE these bags!  They are the ones I normally buy so already there is a score!

There is a can of Sprayaway Glass Cleaner that is ammonia-free, with a clean scent that doesn't leave streaks or film or drips - This could be my bathroom  mirror's new best friend.

Then we have a Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth.  It scrubs on one side and wipes on the other.  It says that it is safe for non-stick cookware (I didn't think they made anything else anymore) dishes, bake-ware and counter tops.    I know this will be used constantly on my stovetop - I swear it is forever getting dirty!  Guess I won't have any excuse to not cook now.

Mr Clean provided Mr Clean Bliss Gloves that are latex free (yayyyy for those with latex allergies) with a plush flocked lining that adds comfort when cleaning AND helps to keep your hands dry.  I'm wondering if I could get Jenn to try them .... no that's probably a pipe dream.

And my all time favorite cleaner, that is so very difficult to find around these parts, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish.  This is a non-bleach formula that will even remove rust!  It's great for cleaning stainless steel, and I love using it on all my pots - no scratches but always cleans just about anything without spending hours cleaning.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooking Club of America 3 months only $3.00

I belong to Cooking Club of America (I'm actually a "life member") and I have to say I love being part of this group.

I can't tell you how I look forward to seeing the magazine (Cooking Club).  I love going through and thinking which recipes I would like to try and when I would like to make it.

If you were to join through this link, you will get 3 months of Cooking Club of America membership, including Cooking Club magazine, for $3. Your interactive guide to wonderfully delicious recipes, mouthwatering photography, quick-to-master techniques and much more!  This is a great deal!

On top of this, the membership benefits include the privilege to test and keep FREE cooking products, access to the Club website and a Cooking Club magazine subscription!

You also receive exclusive deals and discounts Exclusive Club e-Newsletters Qualify for FREE Gifts & Club Giveaways   And then getting 3 months for $3 is a steal!

Ok its AWESOME - but you really should check it out!  

If you were already a member ... you would have dinner in the oven or ready for the grill instead of thinking about what to make!

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

If you were following on my facebook page the other day,  you saw that Jenn was saying it was just SOOOO Hot that she wanted some "home-made" ice cream.

In other words ...... Mom could you make ice cream please please pretty please - oh and could it be Mint Chocolate Chip?  Now when you make your own at home it doesn't come in those "containers" that always seem to either  crush/leak/rip/ or leave enough air inside to make ice crystals on the top.  When I make my own, I put it in a nice Tupperware container (I use a 9 cup container) and put a piece of plastic wrap on top before sealing.  Works great every time.

As you can see, she didn't wait for it to go from "soft serve" to "ripened" ....... but it still tasted really good - yes I had a little taste too.  Next time I have to put a little green food coloring in to tint it for the mint.

I'm not sure which will be the next kind we make - but I'm sure we will make more before the weekend is over - but I have a great book for ice cream and frozen yogurt ideas/recipes.

If you don't have your own ice cream maker, you really should check out Prize Confidential  
for a chance to win an awesome Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker.  Wouldn't you like to see this at your door?  Then you could be making ice cream (or frozen yogurt) anytime you wanted - any flavor you wanted

Win an iPad3

I don't know about you but I would really really love to have my own iPad, my hubby just got one, my daughter has one (good thing since it appears that Rutger's University is iPad nation), but I don't have one :-(

 I really think I need to rectify this situation.

 If you are like me and want your own iPad3, check out this giveaway.  Don't wait too long - this giveaway ends on July 2nd.

See you there!  I'd love to be the winner - but if not me, I'd love it to be you - one of my readers.  If you do win - please come on back and let us know - so we can all celebrate your good fortune!

Edited to fix link -- I HATE when a link gets broken ......... sorry.  Check it out now so you can enter to win too!

Free Diabetic eCookBook

I'm not a diabetic nor is anyone in my family, but I do know that there are LOTS of people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic that need to watch what they eat and keep everything "in check".

If you fall into any of these "categories", don't miss out on FREE offers!
Join dLife and get a FREE eCookbook, as well as find out about other diabetes offers you qualify for.

 I know that whoever it is that you know that suffers from this disease, will thank you for your concerns and the help that can be found at dLife.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lasik - Free Evaluation

Are you interested in Lasik?
 I know I have been "toying" with the idea for a while now.

I was introduced to this great site that handles everything for you - so you might want to be checking it out in more detail, just like I am.

To get started, it begins with FREE evaluation to review your eye prescription and plan a custom surgical procedure for your vision correction.

Their  LASIK specialist will answer all you questions and help place you at ease that LASIK vision correction is right for you. Their guidelines provide clear, predictable LASIK pricing that is relative to your eye prescription and laser eye surgery needs that will be detailed during your FREE evaluation.

No hidden costs or fees.   To make it convenient for you, they offer several different payment options, including their limited time financing offer.
No Money Down And No Interest Payments Until 2014. 

Regain your natural vision today! 
Schedule your FREE Evaluation with a LASIK Specialist today!

Dr Seuss in the Real World

I have to say that this is not an "original" I stole it from my daughter.   She had posted it on her Facebook page.

Although she has a lot of friends on her page, I really thought it would be perfect to start the summer with and to share with all MY friends as well.   See I think y'all are pretty special too!

So what do you think? Is this not PERFECT?

I always loved Dr Seuss, both as a kid (yes they had Dr. Seuss when I was a kid) and when my kids were kids.

 I just didn't realize that my daughter (at the ripe ole age of 22) thought Dr Seuss was pretty special too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary Hon!

I have to break in here and wish my husband a very 
Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe that it has been 31 years.
Yes, its been 31 years since we said "I Do"

We've had our ups and downs, our good times and bad, and 2 great kids that we are both very proud of.  But I have to say it really doesn't seem like its been that long.  Just know that all in all, I'd do it all again, even after all these years.

 Here's to another 31 years - I have high hopes for the next 31 years ......... when we will be able to hang out in our rocking chairs watching the dolphin's play.  

Sounds pretty good right?

Summer Glow


I guess we all have our own definition of "Summer Glow".
Although I do like Maxine's but I also like that nice warm brown golden glow that we can get from the sun (or from the bottle as in spray tan).

How about you? 

Are you a lay in the sun to heck with the consequences type of summer glower?
Are you a "instant" tanner and then a ton of sunscreen?
Or are you a closet Maxine?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ipad Giveaway - Unsubscriber for Gmail

I use Gmail for my personal emails and I have to tell you I am seriously looking into this even without the great giveaway opportunity.

Wouldn't you like love to win an iPad?   My husband just got one (oh and my daughter too) and now I really really want one of my own.

 If you are like me using Gmail for your mail AND want to win an iPad ..... then this is the opportunity for you.

Unsubscriber is giving away a free, brand-new iPad! 

If you've been wanting a revolutionary new iPad for your very own, now's your chance.
Just sign up for Unsubscriber for Gmail to enter.

They will announce the winner on August 1st. 

While you wait for the big announcement, you'll enjoy the benefits of Unsubscriber, the simplest way to stop emails you don't want.

 Sign up today!

Hugs - Want one?

Are you a hugger?

 I know the women in this family are --- perhaps its in our DNA, or maybe we are just "touchy/feely" folks. The men in the family ..... well some are and some aren't. Sometimes I think that those who "aren't" really "want" to be but don't want to take the first step, they're afraid of being rebuffed.

Here is a wonderful explanation on Hugging and WHY we should all be huggers.

How about you? 
Are YOU a hugger?

See its all very scientific.  We ALL need hugs EVERYDAY.  

Does this make any difference to you in your perspective of "hugging"?

 Here you go ....... MY hug to YOU to start your week.

Now go out and share yourself - start your week by giving others a hug!

Monday, June 18, 2012

And the cloud continues

I know I have said this to you all before, and sometimes you might think I am being a broken record, but after yesterday mornings surprise phone call ......... it is even MORE important that you NEVER EVER forget this

Rest in Peace Aunt Liz.
Until we meet again.

So if I am a little more quieter than usual, just give me a day to pull it all together. 

I really thought that black cloud had finally passed us and only sunny skies were going to be with us for the rest of the year ....... 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish all the dad's out there a very 

And just remember .................

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love, hugs and kisses, and gifts from the family. 

If you have a little bit of time ....... don't forget to check out the Dear Ole Daddy-O Father's Day Giveaway Hop and get your final entries in for some great prizes.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Philadelphia Indulgence

I just found this absolutely FABULOUS new product in the grocery store and I just HAD to share it with you. 

Have you seen this already?

If you haven't you really should be looking for it!

It is a wonderful mixture of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate and Creamy Philadelphia Cream Cheese that is ready to be spread, spooned or dipped into.  It is so sinfully good I am going to have to watch myself!

My very first "taste" was on an Eggo Waffle instead of butter and syrup ......... and I have to say I am NEVER going to look back again.  I can see this mixed with some Cool Whip to use in a Triffle or as a dip for fruit (I'm thinking strawberries and bananas) or on some grilled pound cake.  Even without mixing it with the Cool Whip, it would be great to dip into with some strawberries or pineapple spears. 

And then there is always a nice bagel - hmmm cinnamon raisin with chocolate cream cheese - oh yes I am definitely going to have to pick up a few more containers (I wonder if my local store would mind picking up an extra case for me) ... see I told you I have to watch myself!

UPS My Choice - Free Sign up

Become a Member!
Get delivery that fits your life!
Get alerts before packages arrive,
Electronically authorize packages for:
re-route to other locations
and many other options.

Must enter Valid name, username, password, address to be able to use this great service.

I'm already a member and I love being able to easily check where my package is and if need be change my delivery place - no more worry about where that package got to, no more worry if its sitting at my doorstep in the rain!


This post is “sponsored content” post, but I would be telling you to jump in on this no matter what.  It's free to join and worth having if you ever buy products that are shipped to you.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

AboutOne - Let's Get Organized!

Are you looking for a way to stay organized?

When you have more than one person to worry about (yes mom you know I'm talking about) it seems like you need a calendar for your calendar.

  Well I have the PERFECT solution for you.

 I know I'm going to be checking this one out - and I only have 3 "calendars" to worry about now (mine, hubby and Jenn) but I just know I could have used this when the kids were smaller with all the sports/school events/etc in addition to my husband and my schedules.

Check it out mom - I really don't think you won't be disappointed

DaySpring (in)courage Totes Giveaway

I recently received 2 DaySpring (in)courage Totes to review. 

These totes are great.  The totes are not only really are nice to look at but are very useful.  I can see lots of uses for both. They are nicely lined - unlike many of the totes you see on the market, so there is some "substance" to them without being heavy/clumsy/bulky.  All in all they really are a perfect gift idea for just about anyone.

The first tote I received was the Sing and Make Music - Jute Tote Bag which is:

18"L x 14"H x 6"D
100% jute
Lining: 100% cotton
Sturdy 12" drop handles
Design on one side only

 I really liked the Jute Tote Bag that I could see as a Mom's bag to keep all her things in one place, especially for those times when you just KNOW you will be sitting in a waiting room.  Or even as a book bag for school, especially on "light" days, or running around campus between classes.  I'm thinking High School or College kids would appreciate these.  I don't think you would be disappointed in this one. 

The second tote I received was the Hope Is in His Unfailing Love - Oil Cloth Tote which is:

13"L x 15"H x 7"D
Made of durable oil cloth material
Easily wipes clean
Water resistant
Hidden magnetic snap closure
Bottom panel for structure
Beautiful interior lining
Sturdy handles with 14" drop
Design on front and back

My Jenn really liked this one.  I bet this would also make a great bag for Mom's with younger kids.  You know there is always something "wet/damp/sticky" when kids are around, and this would be a great bag for that.  No really little kids, this would also be a great bag for the beach or pool.  The inside has great pockets on the long sides to help keep things at your fingertips.  I really love the snap closure ...... its a very secure snap unlike some of those I have seen (even on some of my bags), so you can be sure that it will stay closed.

Now I have 1 of each these great bags for my readers.  If you would like to have one of these, check out the really easy rafflecopter entry form below.  If you can't wait ......... there is a great sale going on right now - buy 2 get 1 FREE AND some really great prices.
Check it out - I'm thinking some great gifts can be picked up without spending a fortune.