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Friday, November 9, 2012

Super Storm and Snowed in Sale

I know all this "wonderful weather" we have been having here in New Jersey has not made anyone very "happy" - least of all me.  BUT since I have power again (just not my MIL) AND internet service AND phone service I thought what the heck I should allow everyone to "benefit" from my being stuck here.  With so many trees and poles and whatnot down in the roads around here I really don't want to be out trying to "get out of town".

I am going to have a 
Snowed In and Stuck at Home Sale
for the benefit of my readers, with a Mystery Hostess.  

Here is how it will work.  You should look at some of the great products that are on sale in the Mid-November Brochure or go to my Tupperware Site and start thinking about what it is you want for YOUR home or what would be great Holiday GIFTS.  There are some really awesome products in the Fall/Holiday Brochure as well (all can be found on my site)

Never lose that half an onion or half a lemon or even a lime with these Forget Me Not containers - I LOVE mine ... no more dried out onion halves or worse yet funky looking lemon or lime ...

Once you have decided what you want to purchase - send me an email so that we can get your desired product, your shipping information, and your payment information.  I can call you so you don't have to put your payment info in an email.

These are so awesome ... I have a set of the stemless ones that I got specifically for a chocolate mousse that you can make with the Chocolate Indulgence Dessert Blend.  Who knew ??  Tupperware that's who.

If I have at least 10 orders from this "Snowed in Sale" I will add anyone that purchases $50 or more in product (before shipping/handling/tax) into the drawing for the "mystery hostess spot".  Every $50 in product purchased equals 1 entry - order $100 in product equals 2 entries.  My "mystery hostess" will receive a Tupperware Surprise Pack worth $50 and I will select the hostess in a simple drawing using Rafflecopter (I will enter everyone who qualifies) and maybe contact the winner before her order ships, but then again it could be a "surprise" until I know it has been received.  Maybe it should be a complete surprise?  What do you think?  Share this with your friends and family - who knows it could mean that YOU will be my mystery hostess.

I will be placing the order on Sunday Night at 9 PM Eastern Time ...... so if you are interested in being part of our Mystery Hostess Snowed in Sale - make sure you check it out and get back to me before 8 PM on Sunday.

There are some really great items with a warranty that almost NO company can match (or does) - Lifetime is a really LONG time for a warranty don't you think?


Nikki said...

I hope you or no one you know was hurt in this disaster. I'm a new linky follower & I found ya from the hop. I hope you have a great Saturday.


Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

We were lucky VERY lucky - my daughter missed being crushed under a huge tree (maybe 24" across) by a minute or two. She had just gotten in the house and closed the door when it fell over where she had walked up the steps.