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Thursday, November 8, 2012

My November Wonderland

As many of you know, New Jersey is and has been in the midst of another October and now November Surprise - and not a pleasant one.

First we had the Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy that practically destroyed the shore - it will never be the same, it will never be the shore of my childhood.

My home was farther "north" but still got "hammered" when the storm hit but except for a power outage that lasted for a week (and therefore some spoiled food) and some branches down we managed to get through pretty much unscathed.  But then just around the corner (well not even that far since our properties touch) my mother in law's house is still without power and had MASSIVE trees fall ... one would have crushed my daughter had she been just a minute or two later going to check on "gram".

Yes she would have been UNDER that tree - yes just looking at it still makes me swallow my heart!

Here is the very same tree crushing the back end of our trailer - yes it is about 24 inches across!  It was a massive tree that literally lifted out of the ground, roots and all!

Then yesterday/last night we were visited by one of the EARLIEST significant Snow storms on record.  I'm not sure if it matched the "freak" storm from last year (our October Surprise in 2011) or not - but it wasn't what I wanted to see.

Yes that was 10 inches on my deck railing this morning.  This on top of Sandy, was almost too much to handle.  They say that we should have the electric back for almost everyone in town by Sunday Nov 11.  Now THAT I will believe when I see it - I just hope they are correct because it has gone on for way too long already.

Yes it is a "pretty" sight - just not what I wanted to see on November 8th  or after this Super Storm!  I guess it is proof that God does have a sense of humor ........ but I just wish He didn't have to prove it to us this year.

Thank you God for allowing our family to get through this event without any real tragedy.  No one died, we still have a roof over our heads and our homes are still standing.  I know many in our town (and others) were not as fortunate.


My Daily Jenn-ism said...

I did't know you were a Jersey girl too!!! I was looking for Jersey bloggers yesterday - you're totally getting a pimp out NOW.
I'm glad you didn't sustain much damage & looks like you got more snow than me. I'm also "North". Big hugs from another Jersey girl & here's to no more bad weather.

Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

Yes Ma'am I am a Jersey girl too - and a Tupperware Consultant but that's another story :)

I am all for no more bad weather - I am soooooo not liking the white stuff. Our kids will be going to school until Mid July if there are any more "snow" days

BethElderton said...

Wow! Having lived most of my life near the Gulf coast, I have an idea about this kind of damage. We are holing the best for all of you hit by these things.

Ugochi said...

I join you to thank God Kat! He sure knows how to show us mercy, and by the way it really looks beautiful, a whole house covered in white...