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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tupperware SALE

Available November 19 – 20, 2012 only!
Order must be submitted by your Tupperware Consultant (that would be me) 
by November 20, 2012.

Extended through November 21st!

Your consultant must submit by Nov 21st Don't miss out!

Quick Chef Pro System
Our popular kitchen food processor is versatile and easy to use. Features three sharp blades for chopping; paddle whisk; funnel with measurements; small basket for drying fresh herbs and small salads; ergonomic cover with handle; and an airtight and liquid-tight seal.
Q $69 value. Save $24! #89218 $45.00

I have one of these and love it!  Salsa is wonderful in here.  Need to sneak some vegetables into things they won't know is there?  This is the perfect machine - a few cranks and you are on your way.  I used this when we were without power and when I don't want to dirty my "big" machine - which could be going in the closet ....

3-Pc. Mixing Bowl Set Includes 4-cup, 8-cup and 12-cup sizes. $35 value. Save $16! #89217 $19.00
Great sizes to be able mix/store and go to .. at this price you could get 2 sets!

Serving Center Set Features six 2-cup compartments and one14-oz. removable, microwavable center bowl with seal (remove seal before reheating). 13½ x 3¾". $45 value. Save $20! #89220 $25.00

This would be awesome for all kinds of parties - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, pool parties, graduations, you name it - finger foods, dessert bars, etc. all at its best

Smooth Chopper
The perfect partner in liquid food prep.
Start with the sharp blades to chop vegetables or fruit, then remove and insert the paddle to whisk or mix.  Also includes a virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal. 3 cup. Q
$59 value. Save $20! #89219 $39.00

My Jenn uses this at school - fits perfectly in the small dorm kitchen (since there are 4 people sharing this space - powerful but small is a must) 

Email me, Leave me a Message here - just don't miss out on these GREAT SALE prices!

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