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Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivation vs Habit

I saw this one on a friends Facebook Page (ok it was my Tupperware Director's page - thanks MaryAnn) and just thought it was too important not to share.

Now how shall we get you motivated?
 And then how do we keep you going so that it becomes a habit?

Should I just become your little naggy  reminding (I wonder is that was even a word?) friend, sitting on your shoulder so to speak, that keeps you going until before you know it that "habit" has set in?

What would you like to have me keep nagging reminding you about?

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Gina Brickell said...

You have such wonderful sayings posted! I love this one because it is so true. When I wake up in the morning, it isn't the habit.. There is usually something I'm looking forward to that day that actually gives me the motivation to get up and out of bed.. the rest is mainly habit.. I then pretty much do what I do every other day..