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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sidewalk art ...

One of the girls in the office shared these and I really was in awe of the work that is done to put these together.  Yes it really is on a sidewalk.  
Could you see this in New York City?  
Can you just imagine the amount of time and just how tedious this is to get it perfect the first time?

How would you like to see this on your sidewalk?

Or this one?

This one is really "neat".  The helicopter with "people" hanging off the bottom.  The buildings and cars below.

But I just love that people are walking or driving past (see them in the top of the picture) as if this is an every day occurance.

But I think this one would be awesome in a courtyard!

What do you think?  Are these not just the most awesome pieces of "art" that you have seen today?

Which was your favorite?

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