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Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's FALL BACK time

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday morning (early early early) we are suppose to follow that wonderful "tradition" of turning the clocks back 1 hour .......... so we can get an extra hour of sleep.  Now you will get that extra hour if you remember to do it before you go to bed.

So I am going to do my "civic" duty and remind you by  I'm telling you this so that YOU remember to change it.  But then it is also a way to remind myself so I don't forget either.  I mean I like to be "early" for appointments ... but more than an hour (if I forgot) would be a bit much.

Now I love the thought of having an extra hour of sleep .... but when I saw these (mainly on Facebook) I just had to share, since these are sooo perfect!

I really like this one

Now this one has the same "sentiment" just presented in a slightly "different" manner ..... I'm still partial to the first one cause back to when I was 20 would be great - especially if I would know what I know now back then!

Does this ring any bells with anyone?  Or is it that Maxine and I are the only ones that have "realized" this??

And this is the perfect time to make sure that you have fresh batteries in your smoke detectors ...

It's a great time to do it so that every year you KNOW that you have the protection that you bought those smoke detectors (and CO2 detectors) for.

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