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Friday, November 1, 2013

Kat's November Tupperware Event

Right now we are in the "last week" of the Mid October brochure, which has some really awesome items in it.  If you missed it ....

Now I know that the Hello Kitty Bowtastic Lunch Set has had such a fantastic showing that it is currently on backorder until Nov 11th!  So if you wanted to pick this one up ... you can order it now at the "sale" price but know that it won't be shipped until after this mid month catalog ends.

The Large Carry-All with handle is the absolute BEST for keeping your kids (or grandkids) treasures safe, or things that you treasure safe and sound.  I know I already have 1 and am thinking I will be getting another one before this ends because at $28 it is a "steal".

With the upcoming holiday season (I can't believe its going to be Christmas in less than 2 months) I wanted to help my readers and customers get their holiday shopping started.  There are so many great things that you can get for the holidays - whether it is for gifts (like the FridgeSmart Get-It-All set that could be broken into 2 gifts or some of the lunch kits in the Fall/Holiday catalog) or for your own kitchen and holiday festivities.

I want to make this deal with you - for the month of November, which will include this brochure as well as the Mid-November brochure that starts on November 9th (and I will post a one pager quick sheet for that one too) as well as our current Catalog, the Fall/Holiday Catalog.  
If you order from me (easiest way is to use the current party in top sidebar and follow the simple instructions) I will send you a Tupperware e-gift certificate for 10% your order when your order is at least $50 before S&H&T.  So if you order $50, I will send you an e-certificate for $5, order $100 and I will send you an e-certificate for $10 off a future order and so on.

You can order more than once during the month and get this deal from me again.  If you want things in the mid-October brochure (that ends on Nov 8th at midnight EASTERN time) and then find things you want in the mid-November brochure, you can get those on a separate order and still qualify if each order is at least $50 before S&H&T.

Remember you must order from me to get this deal.  You can order from my Tupperware site, on my current party (top right sidebar), or you can message me with your product details, including a phone number and I will call you for shipping and payment info.

When you take advantage of this deal, with a qualifying order, message me with your order number so that I can track it back and get your info for your e-gift certificate.  I don't want to miss anyone, so when you get your order number - message me.

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