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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Its the Mid November Tupperware Brochure!!!

I can't believe how many AWESOME things that are in this brochure.  You could get so many of your holiday gifts "knocked out" and be sure that they are delivered before the holidays!  You can just click on the link for my "current party" at the top right sidebar (enter name/email address/click no to attend then start placing your order) plus you can add any of the internet only items too.

I can see a girlfriend set or 2 holiday gifts or 1 for you and then a holiday gift for a friend with the CrystalWave Holiday Set and the CrystalWave 2 1/2 cup bowls for a total payment of just $92. plus S&H that would give a 5 bowl set in each gift!  Mark off 2 holiday gifts right there!!!
I can already think of a few who would love to have these.

Look at those Holiday Reindeer Containers ... soooo darn cute and the Holiday Cookie Cutters would be great to go with the Mix-N-Store, Squeeze It Decorator and the wonderful Anti-Slip Pastry Sheet - you guessed it another great holiday gift! Already these are NOT available.  Don't wait if there is something you want!

And don't forget that we always have those short term items that are sure to please but are only available for the first 2 weeks.  Check these out and make sure that you order them from my Tupperware Site before Nov 29th.

The Giant Canister would be awesome for caramel corn or lots and lots of cookies!  And then those mini canisters (remember you get 4) are great for all kinds of treats.

Now I will definitely be getting a set of the UltraPro Minis with the covers - I LOVE my UltraPro that goes from the microwave to the oven without missing a beat and I can see all kinds of cute individual cake and goodies made in either the microwave or the oven in these.  They are not available in the Fall/Holiday catalog, so if you are interested don't miss them in this 2 week period or they could be gone..... Oh and that twistable peeler is making a "surprise visit" so grab it - I haven't seen one of these available for purchase in at least 6 months!

I really like how easy the corkscrew is --- I know I know but really so easy to use even a "child could do it" but then we are all children at heart right??

Don't forget you can pick up these items and so much more on my Tupperware Site or if you want that "attendance" offer of the crystalwave soup mug BOGO, message me and I will call you for your information (shipping, credit card info and items) and we can add you to an existing party (along with anything else you want) and have it shipped directly to you in time for the holiday celebration!

Remember I wanted to make this deal with you - for the month of November, which includes this brochure as well as our current Catalog, the Fall/Holiday Catalog.  

If you order from me (easiest way is to use the current party in top sidebar and follow the simple instructions) I will send you a Tupperware e-gift certificate for 10% your order when your order is at least $50 before S&H&T.  So if you order $50, I will send you an e-certificate for $5, order $100 and I will send you an e-certificate for $10 off a future order and so on. 

You can order more than once during the month and get this deal from me again.  If you place a qualifying order and then find other things you want - think about those holiday gifts -  you can get those on a separate order and still qualify if each order is at least $50 before S&H&T.

Remember you must order from me to get this deal.  You can order from my Tupperware site, on my current party (top right sidebar), or you can message me with your product details, including a phone number and I will call you for shipping and payment info.

When you take advantage of this deal, with a qualifying order, message me with your order number so that I can track it back and get your info for your e-gift certificate.  I don't want to miss anyone, so when you get your order number - message me.

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