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Monday, August 19, 2013

Tupperware's Product of the Future ... is NOW

If you remember back in May I told you that there was a wonderful new product coming out that was Tupperware's Product of the Future.  I got the sample this product about 3 months ago and I have to say it is a dream.  You can use it in the microwave, which is wonderful but how about also being able to put this very same product in the oven.  YES in the oven!

Now I did think that it would be a year before we were even ready for market ... but 
 at Tupperware the Future is in Fall/Holiday Catalog.

Introducing Tupperware's 
Product of the Future  
UltraPro Ovenware!

  • Easy-to-handle, lightweight material can be used in temperatures up to 482° F/250° C and as low as -13° F/-25° C.
  • Save time and energy by cooking and reheating in the microwave or conventional oven.
  • Store food in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • All pieces of UltraPro Ovenware can stack to form larger containers with levels for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. For example, cook or reheat two side dishes, a side dish and a main course, or a main course and dessert.
  • UltraPro Ovenware fits easily in most microwave ovens.
  • Container’s non-stick qualities promote healthy cooking as no extra butter or oil is needed.
  • When used together either in the oven or the microwave, the rounded shape of the container and the domed cover improves cooking and heat distribution. The cover also helps prevent splatters.
  • Modern design and color are perfect for serving food at the table - any table.
  • Save clean-up time by using one dish to store, prepare and serve. Pieces clean easily.
  • It’s fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe while being gorgeous on the table.

Here's some details to show just how great these pieces are.
  • Dishwasher safe (great deal). 
  • Soak in hot, soapy water immediately after use. 
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning materials. 
  • Choose non-metallic utensils for mixing in or serving from the ovenware.
  • 2.1-Qt./2 L Casserole Pan
  • 3.7-Qt./3.5 L Casserole Pan
    • 3¼-cup/800 mL Cover (fits both Casserole Pans)
  • 3.5-Qt./3.3 L Lasagna Pan with Cover
  • 6-Qt./5.7 L Roasting Pan with Cover
    • 5-cup/1.2 L Cover (fits both Lasagna Pan and Roasting Pan)
  • 1.75-Qt./1.8 L Loaf Pan

Limited Lifetime Warranty (as with all Tupperware Products) against defects in the material or workmanship under normal or household non-commercial use. 
Warranty coverage does not include breakage due to dropping (but its light so dropping isn't an issue, unless you are really klutzy :) but if you are careful and don't drop it ...)

I'm letting you know now so that you can start planning for the Fall / Holiday Catalog.  You really WANT these new products.  Tandem cooking is wonderful for those nights when you want something good and filling for dinner but don't have a lot of time.

Here is a wonderful entree (Loaded Baked Potato Chicken Casserole) that I made last week in the 3.7 QT casserole.  I did the potatoes in the microwave then added the chicken, cheese and bacon and finished in the oven - and it was all done in less than 40 minutes.  Recipe to be posted later this week.

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