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Monday, August 12, 2013

Healthy Lunches for Kids (and Adults too)

Are you dreading Back to School because you have to make a school lunch every day?  Are you still on Lunch Box burn out from the last school year?  I have to tell you when I saw this on the Betty Crocker Website, I thought this would be PERFECT for everyone who is gearing up for Back to School.  Healthy Lunches for Kids is someplace where I think most, if not all kids, will find something interesting to try, as well as the Adults who have to take lunches with them every day.  If nothing else, it will get your own "creative" juices flowing with the current lunch box season on its way.

I know when I was getting my kids ready for school I dreaded coming up with things for lunch.  We ended up picking the same things week after week until I didn't want to even think about lunches and I'm pretty sure my kids didn't really want them either.

I think the current Tupperware Lunch box items (I know a shameless plug) on sale till August 30th would be great for these recipes.  And they are color coordinated!

Just the Sandwich Keeper Set and the Snack Cup Set alone are a steal ... but add everything else in and you are set for the week!

And mom's if you wanted to send salad to school (if your kids are like my son and actually ask for salads) or you wanted to take some with you to work along with a sandwich - check out this idea ...  The forget me not set is great.  Take the square and put your side salad in the bottom and your salad dressing in the Classic Midgets and you have a sandwich and salad without everything getting soggy and I bet they would all fit in your lunch kit (or look at one of ours)!

I just love how I find all kinds of things that will keep me in Tupperware forever!  You can pick up these and so much more on my Tupperware Site or by joining my Current Party.

Check out the Healthy Lunch at Betty Crocker and see if you don't agree that these items from Tupperware and these recipe ideas won't make your Back to School Lunch prep a breeze.

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