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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the Coveted Tupperware Citrus Peeler

I saw this the other day and thought ... NOW I know for sure why EVERYONE needs to book a party with me or order from me so I can get them one of these coveted Tupperware pieces.

So here it is... a list of 25 things you can use the coveted Tupperware Citrus Peeler for!
I'm sure there are even more things that should be on this list, so e-mail me if you have something to add.

 1. Removing skin from Citrus
 2. Staple Remover
 3. Letter Opener
 4. Removing Can Labels
 5. Cleaning the Rim of Tupperware Seals
 6. Cuticle Pusher
 7. Smoothing Out Grout
 8. Turning Flathead Screws
 9. Removing Skin from Avocado
10. Removing Muffins from Muffin Pans
11. Use as a Hook to Dip Pretzels
12. Drink Stir Stick
13. Finger Splint When Camping
14. Shoe Horn
15. Butter Knife
16. Lawn Aerator (this is only practical with a small patch of cat grass)
17. Fish Hook Remover
18. Separate a Hard Boiled Egg from its Shell
19. Cake Tester
20. Plastic Bag Opener
21. Potato Eye Remover
22. Opening a CD or DVD
23. Removing Wax from Furniture
24. Separating Cheese Slices
25. Crochet Hook

Oh and It's also handy for cutting cakes in a plastic container.

So do you have one of these iconic Tupperware pieces?  Do you want one?

Talk to me about doing a book party and all those that place an order through me will get one from me (sent to you, the hostess).  If you are the hostess, not only will you get your own citrus peeler, I will give you a surprise gift from me as well as any hostess gifts/bonuses your party earns.

Talk to me about how we can get this piece in your hands ASAP.

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