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Thursday, August 8, 2013

E-Meals - Have you tried it yet?

I stumbled upon the e-Meals site quite by accident - but I have to say it was a HUGE find for busy home cooks who want to put a nice meal on the table but don't want to be a slave to the kitchen or don't have the time to fret about it (yes that would be me).

It starts out pretty simply - you get to pick the plan you want.  Sounds pretty easy right?

They do have a wide selection to chose from though - 11 types in all.  There are Classic Meals (which is the one I chose for my picky eaters) , Slow Cooker Meals, Paleo Meals, Clean Eating, Low Carb, Low Fat, Simple Gourmet, Portion Control, Natural and Organic, Vegetarian and Gluten Free (yes I know this one is usually hard to find).

Oh and they will soon have a Mediterranean Meal Plan too where you can find things like this Creamy Fettuccini!

You then tell them how many you cook for and even your favorite food store (if you have just one) and get ready to be amazed.

In your email each week you get a great list of 7 recipes for dinner plus sides to get you through the week.  I know I usually struggle with dinner and thought this was fantastic.  

They even send you a shopping list, so you can make 1 stop (instead of  5 or  is it 7?) just to cook dinner, that is coordinated with the weekly sales for your store.

Here is another example of the great meals available through the above plans.
Did I not tell you it was a busy mom's dream?

And when you join this month, you will get the Healthy Snack Calendar, just in time for those Back to School snack time needs.

And because I can, if you join in using my link - and the code SCHOOL15 for a 15% discount on the cost of the plan!

Just one click could change the way you make dinner tonight!

Check it out / Try it out.  It could be your Back to School Saving Grace ........ I just wish I had found this earlier - I know we would have had less "fast food" stops when my kids were little.

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