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Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Hello Kitty Time!

I was looking at the online items (some are exclusive to online sale, some can be purchased at a live party) and realized that it is a Hello Kitty Explosion for school!

For just about a week, you can still get this super cute Hello Kitty Lunch Kit.  It really is perfect for maybe a kindergarten or first/second grade student who loves Hello Kitty.  But remember its ONLY available until the Summer Catalog closes on August 30th.

Then we have two really cute tumbler and sandwich keepers that are ONLY available as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - and you never know when these will sell out.  The purple (on the left) is Hello Kitty Rainbow and the pink )below on the right) is Retro Hello Kitty - but as you can see they are really really cute.

And then with the Fall/Holiday Catalog release (available now - yes you can order from the Summer Catalog at the same time) is the brand new Hello Kitty Lunch Kit

This one just looks so "chic" for the "I think I am a member of the "fashionista"  crowd" - I could see this being used for more than just lunch as the bag is "convertible" between a backpack or a messenger bag!   Oh yes this could be THE thing for those Hello Kitty lovers.  Now I wish they had this a year or so ago when my niece was so into Hello Kitty --- I couldn't find Hello Kitty anywhere!

Check these out on my Tupperware Site and let me know if I can help you with these or anything else there.

We really do have so many wonderful things there for the lunch bunch - and its not just for the younger crowd.  We have all kinds of great ideas for little boys and girls, older boys and girls, men and women that I bet would make back to school or back to work lunch prep so much easier!

And if you are going to place an order before August 31st ... check out the 5 day lunch pieces in great colors!  You can get 5 sandwich keepers or 5 snack cups or 5 tumblers at a great price that you could add to any of the lunch kits or use in whatever you use for your lunches.  No more plastic bags that leads to crushed/mushed/uneaten sandwiches and snacks with these great sets!

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