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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Fresh Diet Week 2 Day 7

Today is a sad day - it is the last day that I will be receiving The Fresh Diet meals for a little while.  You see we are in the process of buying a condo (we really are excited about this) and it is taking up a lot of "excess" capital.  It is also making us scrimp and save every place we can until we get to closing so we don't have any extra stress, since this is stressful enough - believe me I thought this was going to be easy and I was SOO wrong!

This morning I was so happy to come downstairs to make the coffee and see my little buddy waiting for me.  It really is a treat to see him sitting there.  I always know that something good will be in that bag!

Breakfast was Asparagus & Cheddar Cheese Quiche with Fresh Pineapple.  This was another one of those entrees where I like the "pieces" but not sure about the end result.  That was until I tasted it.  This was really very good - the Asparagus was still crisp without being overbearing.  It melded well with the egg and cheese.  I will have to try this one in my own kitchen.  I think the real trick will be getting the asparagus to the point where it isn't too "crisp" but definitely NOT "mush".  This could be my challenge for the weekend, if I can find some nice looking asparagus.

Lunch was Crispy Baked Goat Cheese Medallions with Mescalin Lettuce, Sliced Pears & Toasted Almonds with Raspberry Dressing.  Again this is a HUGE salad, and had to be put on one of my large dinner plates - just to get it all out!  The pears were not sliced - more like diced in little cubes, about a tablespoon.  The Toasted Almonds .... well they were walnuts but still a "nut".  Now I've had goat cheese a few times in a salad before, but not as much as what was offered in this dish.  I took the medallions (there were 4 large) and cut them into quarters.  I put 1/2 on the salad right out of the package and 1/2 I heated under the broiler in my toaster oven before putting on the salad.  The Raspberry Dressing was great.  It wasn't "overly" raspberry in flavor as some of the store-bought brands are, but just a nice flavor that doesn't overpower everything else.

If you read Day 6 (and if not why not?) you know that I opted to use my exercise as stacking wood towards this winters heat supplement.  I finished re-stacking the "well aged" wood that was left over from last year supply.  This was stacks 2 and 3 ... the other one is stacked by the steps for even "easier" access when I need to refill the bin inside.  Oh that one is almost full too so we should be set for a little while - maybe till Christmas.

My snack for today was Mini Sweet Potato & Turkey Sheppard's Pie.  I have never really liked Sweet Potatoes (unless they were fried) - but in the spirit of my trying everything I can - I picked this one for today.  I will say that this has started me questioning whether or not I have been missing out.  The sweet potato was sweet but not so much that you think sugar overload, but just enough to make you recognize it as different.  I will have to try cooking with sweet potatoes - without opting for frying (which we all know makes anything taste better).

Dinner was New York Strip Steak with Mango BBQ Sauce with Spanish Style Brown Rice and Haricot Vert.  This one was amazing.  How they make steak so that it is perfectly cooked (medium) without having it turn to shoe leather when it is heated in the microwave is beyond me.  The steak was tasty and still "soft" when I cut into it - I was really afraid it would be tough.  The Mango Sauce is amazing - it is just enough to add to the flavor of the steak without overpowering it.  I loved the Brown Rice - almost like a pilaf.  And what's not to love about Haricot Vert?  I'm not sure you can see in the picture or not, but these were so perfect.  The green was a nice bright color (maybe it was just blanched)  and still had a al dente feel.  I really hate overcooked vegetables - but somehow they have managed to make veggies perfect even after it is microwaved to reheat.

Dessert was Sugar Free Double Layer Chocoholic Cake.  I WANT the secret.  I NEED the secret!  My husband is always asking about cake or pie - specifically chocolate cake or apple pie - to have in the evening.  I make at least one of these 3 times a month at a minimum.  If I could make a Sugar Free version, like this cake, and have it taste as good as this one, I could make his "dessert" and not feel guilty about him eating dessert/snacks/just because I want it cake/pie almost every day.  This cake didn't have a "frosting" but did have a little filling to hold the layers together.  It was so very moist!  Honest IF I didn't know it was SF I would have sworn it came from the local bakery and was their full fat, sugar version.

I am really going to miss my little (green, blue, teal) buddy coming to visit every weekday.  I have to say that this was the best "diet" I've ever tried.  It is the most successful as well.  I lost 5 lbs the first week.  This week I have been in the midst of a "heat wave" with very high humidity (especially today).  This morning, on the 27th of October it was 72 degrees - in New Jersey!  I can feel how "bloated" I am from the heat and humidity this morning - my watch and rings feel very uncomfortable I'm retaining so much water.  But I did get on the scale and can report that even with all this uncomfortableness I am down another 2.2 lbs.  I bet if I am good for the rest of the week (when this weather is suppose to break) I will be down at least another few pounds. But the best thing - clothes I had put away last year for Fall/Winter are loose! 

If you missed some of my posts on my meals from The Fresh Diet, here are a few links, The Fresh Diet Week One - Day 3, or The Fresh Diet Week 2 Day3  but you can view them all by looking at the archive posts from October.

I want to thank the NY kitchen staff and my driver for a fantastic 2 weeks worth of meals.  I also want to thank Chef Yos for his creative genius, Mr. Duchman for his ingenuity to bring this dream of his to fruition and to Jim Gilbert for allowing me to start this journey by winning one of his many contests.  Laurie and Dianne were just great in getting me set up and on my way to enjoying TFD for these 2 weeks.  Ladies YOU ARE top notch!  Thank you.

If you haven't stopped by The Fresh Diet's Facebook Page, you really should.  Who knows, you too could win a contest or one of the random giveaways or just be inspired by all the wonderful folks there to "join in on the fun".  Oh and if you do go there - click on "LIKE" and join in.  And if you could tell Jim I sent you over ..... well all the better.  Thanks!

If you were to decide to order - if you give them this referral code K2M4T - I believe I will get credit for bringing you to "the fold" so to speak.  It's really a win-win situation.  You get great tasty food that is very diet friendly and I get credit for the referral.  Please help me extend my deliveries too.

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I am loving the idea of this. If my finances ever turn around I am totally trying this. I wonder if they have it in my area?

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Mimi said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I tagged you on my blog today, so I hope you'll play along!