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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fresh Diet - Day 4

Welcome back to my travels through The Fresh Diet Meals, day 4.  Again today we had a very interesting group of meals to chose from.  It is actually getting harder, instead of easier, to pick my meals because everything sounds so good.  I'm almost ready to say "could I just have one of each please"

Again this morning at 5AM my little green buddy was waiting for me outside the kitchen door.  Before I did anything else, I made sure I brought him inside - don't want any of my neighbors to get the idea that they should take him in!

Breakfast was again the Fresh Fruit Salad, but there were different fruits in the mix.  Today was Cantaloupe, Raspberries, Papaya, Banana and Pineapple with Banana Cottage Cheese.  The Cantaloupe and Papaya were so close in color, a beautiful orange, that it was hard to tell the difference on the plate, but one bite and you knew which you had.  Again the banana needed to be peeled and the ends "shaved" to make it look pretty.  I think I should suggest that they wrap the banana pieces in plastic wrap to keep it looking very fresh.  Normally I like cottage cheese, but I really missed the yogurt with the fruit.  I just think it screams "yogurt" dip.  But again all in all I was happy with this meal.  What really surprises me is how filling it is.  It doesn't seem like it should "last me" til lunchtime, but it does!

Lunch was a Chicken Caesar Wrap with Romaine Lettuce & Cucumber on a Sun Dried Tomato Tortilla Wrap. They included a small cup of Caesar Dressing so you could "dip" your wrap, which I did for some of it, but you really didn't need it.  This was an exceptional meal.  I think this would also make a great dinner with a side of veggies.  I absolutely loved the Sun Dried Tomato Tortilla - I'm going to have to find these in the supermarket!  I really was sad when I finished it - not that it wasn't filling, because it was.  But because it was just so darned tasty!

This afternoon's Hors D'Oeuvre was a Crab Cake with Horseradish Dressing.  There were 2 small cakes that really had a nice flavor all on its own, but adding the Horseradish Dressing was a nice touch.  I would have liked to have more horseradish in the dressing, the taste would have been even better.  But then I remember my grandfather grinding fresh horseradish in his garage .........

Dinner was really interesting.  Roasted Pork Meatballs with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto with Grilled Portabella Mushrooms and Roasted Cauliflower.   When I first opened this entree, I was a little surprised at how it was packed.  I shouldn't have ordered the grilled portabella and the cauliflower - only because one is black and one is white ...... so the cauliflower looked a little gray.  When I went to plate this, it just looked like a lighter meal.

That was until I cut up the meatballs - just into 2 pieces each - and then the plate seemed to overflow.  Each of the pieces were somehow much larger than the "whole".  This really was a very satisfying meal.

Dessert is again Cheese Cake - Cinnamon Pear Cheese Cake this time.  But I do have to say that I think someone is trying to tell me to try other desserts.  The flavor is great but they just aren't handling the travel too well.  As you can see, this is definitely NOT the prettiest dessert I have shown, but it really is a great dessert.  Maybe if I lived closer to the kitchen, my dessert would be prettier looking, but I am still having my cheesecake and eating it too!

I really am having a wonderful time trying all these meals.  I purposely did not change my exercise habits - only my meals - I didn't even change my beverages very much, just made sure I had at least 1 quart of water each day, and I have been seeing some very nice consistent losses on my scale each morning.

I'm not going to declare my "total" until after the review of my last delivery on Tuesday, so I don't jinx myself.  But I will declare here and on the Fresh Diet Facebook page the total after just one week.  Who knows, you may be inspired to join in on the fun.  If you do .... let me know so I can get credit for your joining.


Mimi said...

Wow, I really wish I could afford something like this. It looks like lots of delicious stuff I could eat even with my gastrparesis.

Hugs & love,

Mimi said...

Love the breast cancer design, too!