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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Special Moments Recognition

Have you, like me, been at a loss as to what to get for someone? You know, when you just want to recognize something that has happened in their lives with something special, but you just can't figure out what to do.

Well I have found a great place to find Gifts of Flowers or Gift Baskets that are nice, relatively inexpensive and different from what I've seen in my local stores. You need to check out Overstock.com for some really great ideas. I found a few things to send to my niece and nephew for the end of their great school year.

Now if you are looking for something a little more substantial for either yourself or maybe a teen who has accomplished something they didn't think they could, Overstock.com has some fantastic Electronics to chose from. You know teens and electronics. If this fits your desires, check out DVD Players or Televisions since these seem to go hand in hand (at least they do in my house).

If you have a budding photographer (yes Jenn I should have looked here for your cameras!) the selection of Digital Cameras is really pretty good. You could afford to pick up a camera to start your child on a great hobby or to expand their horizons. How many times did you wish you had a picture of something and didn't have a good camera available? Overstock.com has a fantastic selection.

Now I don't know about your school system, but I think every child is exposed to the computer in our schools before they are in the 3rd grade. Maybe even earlier. By the time my kids were in high school, some of their assignments for their Science class were on the computer, I bet its sooner now. They had to go to a website and answer questions at least 3 nights a week. If this is something you have been looking to get, check out Overstock.com's Laptops. You could get your son or daughter their own computer without breaking the bank!

Another thing I love about Overstock.com - if you select something to check out in detail, they also give you some "other suggestions" for things that others have also looked at that relate to your selection.

That's one of the great things about Overstock.com - you can afford to do things "just because". You can find all kinds of things there, you just have to let your fingers do that walking, so to speak. I have ordered a few things from Overstock and have been VERY happy with everything. Shipments have always been very quick, packaged well so that it arrived safely and was as it was described. And they don't kill you with shipping charges - $2.95 for shipping is great, no matter how much you buy.

Yes, Overstock.com is a wonderful place to find gifts for those special moments that you want to recognize and remember with that little something. Jump on over and see what you can find so that you too can be a superstar to someone today.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I love Overstock!