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Monday, July 12, 2010

Nurse Jackie: A Beautiful Catastrophe

Have you seen the show Nurse Jackie?  I've seen clips a few times as we are flipping through the channels  and thought  "I should check this one out" because I really like Edie Falco.  But of course I still have that on my "to do list".

Today we have a Guest posting by Dave Genos, on this very show!

Edie Falco has proven that she's more than just "Mrs. Soprano" and in a big way! Season two of her hit series Nurse Jackie ended this June, but you can still check out episodes by flipping your Directtv over to Showtime almost any night.

It's been difficult for Sopranos actors to move away from the show, particularly since so many of them have been typecast as gangsters and mobsters after so many excellent seasons on HBO. The Sopranos cast should all take a long look at Falco for training on how to move on and move up!

Nurse Jackie takes us deep inside the life of an ER nurse who lives on the edge, but manages to barely keep everything together. It doesn't take long to feel like your watching two (or more) different shows as Jackie tries to string together a life at home with a loving husband and children, her addiction to pain killer medication and her multiple affairs with doctors and pharmacists at the hospital. It doesn't take long for her world to start fraying at the edges, and not to give too much away, but pretty soon her many worlds start to overlap and that's when the real fun begins!

Throughout it all Jackie manages to keep you on her side, despite the horrible things she does to her family, and make you root for her on occasion, but you'll probably find yourself wishing she'd just quit making her life so difficult. She's a genuinely nice person who's dug her own grave, the big question is whether she can pull herself back out again.

So, if you haven't already checked out Nurse Jackie on Showtime then get to that remote tonight and sit down to watch a beautiful catastrophe. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion and it's just as much fun.

Well now I have to move it further UP my to do list ..... Thanks  Dave.

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