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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In the blink of an eye

I try not to hold a grudge.  
Mostly I think, I have been able to just let it go.  No it hasn't been easy.  Sometimes you can easily say - nope not worth the trouble, other times, well it does take a little work.

But I try to always let those I love know it, each and every day.  It may sound corny or strange, but I always end my conversation with loved ones saying "I love you".

I know that they know I love them.  I know that they love me, but I never want to take the chance that it won't be the last thing I remind them of.  

Too many things have happened that no one ever expected.  And no I am not being a dooms day sayer.  I'm just not going to ever let someone I love not hear it .... one last time.

Besides, I really like to remind them that I love them - makes me feel good too.

How about you?

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