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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Gifts 2013

I know you are like me and have people on your holiday gift list that are foodies or are among the ones you share cookies and goodies with.

This year you should think about the container that you put those cookies and goodies in.  Make those containers just as special as the cookies and goodies that you "slaved" over to bring them.  Or maybe for showing off your cookies at the cookie exchange.  This Disney Cookie Container is available as an online exclusive at my Tupperware Site.  If you are part of a party we have another container (actually a set of 2) you can also pick up.  We have quite a few other Disney motif items available as well, if you have a Disney lover at home.

Or how about some really awesome caramel corn that you can easily make in the Stack Cooker and then served/given in these mini canisters, that would be great for teacher's gifts

Earlier this week I showed you some of the Holiday Specials by Tupperware and the mid-November items that could make those containers unique.

And then you could also do something like this Snowman Soup!  I think this is a wonderful idea for anyone that likes hot cocoa.  They will remember you every time they use their mug.  It is a great gift that goes far beyond the season - LOVE the reusable mug for cocoa and soup and stew and so much more.  You can make these for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts or how about your favorite bus driver or delivery person?  With the attendance offer, you could get 2 of these mugs (for two gifts or for your favorite couple) for just $12!

Personally I am looking to "extend" my UltraPro collection with the Ultra Pro minis ... I love the make in the microwave, make in the oven or make in a combination of both (tamdum cooking).  I use the ones I have already all the time!  Just this past weekend, I had a stuffed turkey breast that I had picked up at Costco and did that one in the UltraPro Casserole Pans.  It was AWESOME thank you.   I can see individual lava cakes, among other things, in these babies!

Remember you can pick up these and so much more at my Tupperware Site where you can place your order yourself, and benefit from the online exclusives or you can message me and I will call you for your order, as well as shipping and payment information and you can benefit from the attendance offer (the bogo soup mug shown with the Snowman Soup recipe above).

These items are available to December 13th and will be there for Christmas delivery.  However, if you see something that you want, I wouldn't wait.  You never know when something will sell out and then you will be stuck again trying to figure out what to get!

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