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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Want Cash for Christmas Shopping?

Here is an easy way to get Cash for the upcoming Holiday Season (Christmas / Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate - we celebrate Christmas).
Do you have to do some work?  Yes, but doesn't everything worthwhile require a little work?
Is it fun?  Absolutely!  It's a Party Every Time!
You get to meet some of the most Interesting People!
AND with just a 
Small Investment, it can lead to Big Pay Day for you!

If you are interested in being your own boss,
If you are a Tupperholic like me,
If you are looking for some Holiday Cash or Gifts

THIS could be perfect for you!

The above is based on doing "average" parties, which run about $400 ... some are less, but some are much much more ... I've heard of parties that were $1,000.00!  Check out some of the great products we have for the upcoming Fall/Holiday Catalog/Season on my Tupperware Site.

Yes Tupperware does cost more than those "supermarket" brands ... but with our limited lifetime guarantee and our quality products - they just don't hold a candle to ours!  But of course that is my opinion.

Message me and I can help you get started or answer your questions on how to get started or even why you would want to.  It could just cost you $30 (plus shipping/tax on the $99 price) AND you could be in line for some AWESOME gifts along the way.  If nothing else, you could feed your own "habit" and those of your friends and family.

Talk to me about what is an absolutely fun and profitable way to spend a few hours a week!

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