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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kindness is NEVER wasted

Sometimes I think we need to be reminded

You just never know who needs that little smile or a pat on the back or just a hello to make the day better.

Remember this the next time you want to lash out at someone who is getting on your nerves - even if it is your last one - that they could be having a day that is even worse than yours and they NEED someone to just show them one little scrap of kindness ....... one day it could be you.

And remember the story that made its way around the net a while back - the one that was a speech given by the Valedictorian of a High School about the day he cleaned out his locker so his mom wouldn't have to because he was going to end it all .... YOU could be the very person that turns a life around with that act of kindness you show today.


Melinda Dunne said...

I completely agree. A little kindness can go along way! I try to be cheerful and smile at others when I am out and about. Sometimes a smile is all it takes.

Anonymous said...

Agree! There have been times that a kind word or warm smile have turned my day around

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Yep! As I ride my bike around the neighborhood, I always smile and say hi to anyone I see.

Lexie Lane said...

Life is also too short to waste on NOT being kind. Kindness can do so much and make such a difference in anyone's day.